Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much is delivery?
Free. All mobile phone pricing on our website includes FREE next-day delivery to most UK addresses. Deliveries to Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isles of Wight, Man and Scilly, and the Scottish Islands and Highlands may take longer. Full details of effected postcodes can be found here on the Parcelforce website.

2) When will I receive my phone?
Your phone should arrive the day after you order (unless that day is Saturday, when it will be delivered Monday). We take orders up to 9pm for next-day delivery (2pm Sundays).

Sometimes issues with security and credit checks can cause an order to be delayed, so order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Also, on rare occasions, stock of a handset may run out which may also affect delivery.

3) Do I need a credit check?
Yes. All applications for contract mobile phones require you to pass a credit check with your chosen mobile phone network... unless you are upgrading on the network you are already with.

If this is a worry to you then maybe consider taking out a SIM-only contract; the plans are exceptional value, the accept rate is much, much higher, and paying the airtime bills helps build your credit score.

4) What other checks are done?
There are various other checks done to verify your identity and to protect against identity theft. We check that you are a UK resident, you are 18 or over, and we also verify your bank account and credit card details.

5) Why have I been asked for Identification Documentation?
We have to take many measures to protect both you and us from unscrupulous identity thieves. This is a serious and growing problem in the UK and so we, or the mobile phone network, may ask you to provide a passport or driving licence to validate your identity. This isn’t a reflection on you; there are many criteria that may cause this to happen.

6) When will I know if I have passed the credit check?
You will be notified of the outcome of your credit check by email, usually within one hour of placing your order. If you haven’t received an email, look in your junk or spam folder (or Updates folder on Gmail) to check that it hasn’t been misidentified as spam! You can also check the status of your order by logging in to your account.

7) How long do I have to return my phone?
You can return your phone within 14 days, so long as it hasn’t been used.

When you buy from the internet you have the right to inspect a product in the same way that you would be able to in a shop. But once you insert the SIM card and connect it to the network then you are bound by the contract, which usually lasts 24 months.

Click here to see our full Returns Policy.

8) What is an Effective Monthly Cost?
This is what the plan effectively costs you after cashback has been taken in to consideration. Your airtime bill from the network will be for the full line rental; the cashback is paid by us either automatically or after you have claimed, depending on the deal you choose.

9) How do Line Rental by redemption deals work?
The 'redemption' part of Line Rental by Redemption means that you claim the discount by redeeming the vouchers we send to you with your order.

This is done by sending the vouchers back to us, with copies of your airtime bills, as various stages throughout your contract. Full details are in our terms.

10) When will I receive my automatic cashback?
Automatic cashback will be paid by BACS directly into your bank account to which the Direct Debit mandate was set up for. This payment will be made automatically within 99 days from dispatch of your new mobile phone. No vouchers or claim is required.

11) When will I receive my free gift's additional cashback?
Cash offered in addition to free gift items will be paid automatically by BACS directly into your bank account within 42 days from dispatch of your free gift.

12) What is an Upgrade?
Upgrades allow you to stay with your current network and keep your existing number. Advantages of upgrading is that you usually don’t need to swap SIM cards or go through credit checks with a new network, and, because you don’t change your number, you don’t have to update friends, family and businesses with your new number.

Alternatives are to a) move to a new network and get a new number, b) move to a new network and port your existing number, or c) get a new number with your current network (known as a second line) and leave your current plan in place.

13) What is number porting?
Number porting is where you buy a new mobile phone on a different network to the one your existing plan is with, then transfer your number from your old network to your new one.

This is useful so that you don’t have to go through the process of updating friends, family and other contacts with your new phone number.

14) Do I get any technical support?
Check the box in the shopping basket to sign up to Gadget Helpline and get a month’s FREE technical support. The service is chargeable after that, but you can cancel it in the first month if you don’t want to pay anything.

This service will make sure you are set-up to use your new smartphone for the internet, email and social networks and also gives you support for other gadgets you own. There’s more about the Gadget Helpline below.

15) What about my privacy?
We have a full Privacy Policy with details of how the data we collect is used.

16) So what about 'cookies'?
We use cookies for various reasons e.g. to make various features of our website work, or to see how people use our website to help us make improvements to the user experience and our advertising. Full details are available in our comprehensive Cookie Policy.

17) How can I be removed from your mailing list?
Just click the unsubscribe link in any email you receive. All unsubscribe requests are honoured.

18) What if my phone breaks or goes wrong?
Most mobile phones have a 24 month warranty - iPhones have a 12 month warranty - so if your phone stops working properly you can have it repaired by the manufacturer, or return it to us and we will get them to repair it (although this may take longer than doing it directly).

19) What are your terms and conditions?
You can find our terms and conditions, along with the networks’ terms and conditions here.

20) What if I have a complaint?
We hope that you never find the need to complain, but if you do then we have a Complaints Procedure that will allow you to tell us where it went wrong so we can fix it.

21) My question is not answered here!
For any further information please contact us.

Gadget Helpline

1) What is Gadget Helpline?
Expert, UK-based technical support is delivered by our partners at Gadget Helpline. Just choose this great value additional service at checkout and you will have access to telephone support to help you make the most out of all the features on your phone, such as picture messaging, setting up email and connecting to different devices.

Gadget Helpline is FREE for 30 days and only £3.99 a month thereafter (billed 6-monthly in advance so each payment is £23.94).

Gadget Helpline can be cancelled at any time and there will be no charge if you cancel inside the 30-day free period. Full details about the service provided will be emailed or posted to you shortly after your new handset arrives or you can get all the information and see full Terms on the Gadget Helpline website:

To contact Gadget Helpline with administration queries by telephone, you can call them on 0344 499 4744 (calls are charged at the Basic Geographic Rate).

2) I need Technical Support
If you have chosen Gadget Helpline as part of your purchase you will receive the necessary contact details directly from Gadget Helpline soon after your handset is shipped by us.

3) What can this service offer me?
Gadget Helpline gives you instant solutions to problems relating to your phone and any other electronic devices in your home such as Tablet, Laptops, Games consoles, DVD players, Televisions, GPS Units, offering objective and practical advice from fully trained UK based experts.

4) Where can I access further information?
For further information on Gadget Helpline and their service you can visit If you choose the Gadget Helpline service you will receive a letter or email providing further details directly from them a few days after your phone has been shipped.

5) How do I cancel the Gadget Helpline service?
Gadget Helpline is FREE for the first 30 days (and just £3.99 a month thereafter, billed 6-monthly in advance so each payment is £23.94). If you do not wish to continue the service during or after this period you can simply call 0344 499 4744 (calls are charged at the Basic Geographic Rate) or visit and select 'Cancellations'. You will incur no charges if you cancel within the 30-day free period.

You will need your Gadget Helpline reference number (which will be supplied in your welcome email or letter) and some personal verification details in order to cancel the service. Your Gadget Helpline reference number will be sent a few days after your phone, so please wait until this time before trying to cancel.