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FREE Xbox 360 250GB

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Xbox 360 Gaming

Xbox gives its players exclusive access to some of the biggest game titles around with a huge variety of genres to suit everybody's taste. Whether you are into the adrenalin rush of action-packed games, amazing exploration adventures or role-playing games, there is a selection of perfect games waiting for you. If you want to get the family a little bit closer then why not try one of the family titles and get Mum, Dad and Grandma involved?

The Xbox 360 offers more ways to game. Xbox 360 Games, Kinect, Windows phone


Free access to Sky Player means you can watch HD films from a huge selection of the latest titles, catch up on your favourite TV programmes and get live sports coverage from all five Sky Sports channels. Get the latest music tracks from Zune and Last.fm or browse the Video Marketplace, where you can rent and stream great HD films directly to your console or stay connected with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

The Xbox 360 offers a wide choice of entertainment options Zune, last fm, facebook, Sky Player, twitter, Xbox Marketplace


Xbox Live is a leading online service that brings unbeatable entertainment, the latest and most exclusive game titles, as well as a great online community, directly to your console. Create an avatar to represent yourself and customise it to suit your mood, then share with friends. Or why not check out the exclusive privileges and rewards you are entitled to with your free one month trial of Xbox Live Gold membership?

The Xbox 360 offers amazing online functionality through Xbox LIVE
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Xbox 360 250GB control pad

More ways to game...

Vibrant high-def characters, plus an award-winning high-performance wireless controller that provides 30ft spacing and 30 hours of battery life, allows for an exceptional gameplay experience. Download and preview the hottest games and get game add-ons for new levels and new songs from Xbox Live, as well as challenge friends and view game leader boards to see who is the number one player... it could be you.

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Xbox 360 250GB games console

Not just gaming...

A 320GB storage means there is plenty of room to store your music, videos, pictures and downloads, so you no longer have to keep changing discs every time you want to watch another film or listen to a different album. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you access the online community where you can directly log in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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What's under the casing?

Xbox 360 250GB console

Xbox 360 System Specs

  • CPU: IBM produced Xenon (Vejle).
  • GPU: ATI produced Xenos.
  • Audio output: 5.1 channel Dolby Digital sound.
  • Memory: 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM.
  • Hard drive: 2.5" Serial ATA: 250GB.
  • Inputs/outputs: Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0): 5, IR.
  • Networking: Ethernet, Wi-Fi.
  • Controller: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Wireless (proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol), USB, 2.5mm headset jack.
  • AV output: HDMI and Multi AV.
  • DVD/CD drive (read only) Maximum read rate: DVD × 8 (DVD-ROM); CD × 24 (CD-ROM).
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