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FREE Nintendo 3DS

Get a free Nintendo 3DS portable games console with your next mobile

3D & Touch Screen's

Using the latest technology it is now possible to play in vivid 3D without the need for any glasses. The 3.5 inch upper screen features real 3D graphics that add true depth to gameplay. The lower LCD touchscreen has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and with the two part telescopic stylus, precision is easy.

Nintendo 3DS portable games console has real 3D without glasses

Motion & Gyro Sensor

Built-in motion and gyro sensors along with glasses free 3D provide a new and unique way of gaming. The sensors react to different motions, such as tilting and twisting the console, so by moving the 3DS from side-to-side or up-and-down a motion-compatible game will respond instantly.

Nintendo 3DS portable games console brings motion gaming to portable handhelds with giro

More Control

The new circle pad offers the option of movement in 360 degree directions, allowing for more precision and freedom when playing in 3D worlds. Combined with the control pad, touchscreen interface, traditional buttons, cameras, microphone and sensors, the overall gaming experience is exceptional.

Nintendo 3DS portable games console now with more control from 360 degree analogue input
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Nintendo 3DS portable games console has real 3D without glasses

3D gaming on the move...

The handheld console is perfect for when you're out and about as it is small enough to fit into your hands, but big enough to play games properly. With StreetPass communication you can exchange gaming data, such as Mii characters and high scores, with other console users as you pass them on the street, even while the device is on Sleep Mode. SpotPass lets the DS detect wireless hotspots so you can locate Wi-Fi connectivity wherever you are.

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Nintendo 3DS portable games console has real 3D without glasses

Fun and games...

With the Nintendo 3DS family portraits will never be the same again! The camera application allows you to take pictures in full 3D and manipulate them as never before!

Nintendogs uses the built-in cameras along with facial recognition technology to enable virtual puppies and kittens to respond to real life movements – it's so realistic, it's like having a pet of your own! Super Monkey Ball 3D lets you tilt and roll your way into the 3D world with the motion sensor.

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What's inside?

Nintendo 3DS is the worlds first 3D games console that does not require glasses

Nintendo 3DS System Specs

  • Display Size: 3.53".
  • Screen Type: Widescreen LCD display with full 3D view (glasses not required).
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.9", Width: 5.3", Thickness: 0.8".
  • Weight: 8 ounces (approx).
  • Battery Charge Time: 3.5 hours (approx).
  • Battery Usage Time: Up to 3-5 hours 3D game playing, 5-8 hours DS software gaming.
  • Input Connections: A/B/X/Y Button, +Control Pad, L/R Button, START/SELECT, Circle Pad (enabling 360-degree analog input), Touch screen, Embedded microphone, Camera, Motion sensor, Gyro sensor, 3D Depth Slider, HOME button, Wireless switch, POWER button.
  • Connector: Game Card slot, SD Card slot, Cradle connector, AC adapter connector, Audio jack (stereo output).
  • Wireless: 2.4 GHz. Wifi (supports IEEE802.11 b/g with the WPA™/WPA2™ security feature).
  • Sound: Stereo speakers positioned to the left and right of the top screen (supports virtual surround sound).
  • Power: AC adaptor (WAP-002 [USA]). Nintendo 3DS Battery Pack (lithium ion battery) [CTR-003].
  • Package Content: Nintendo 3DS system, Nintendo 3DS charging cradle, AC adapter, stylus, SD memory card (2GB), AR cards, start guide, manual.
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