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JCB Mobile Phones

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JCB brought out a range of toughphone handsets, designed to be durable and hard-wearing, as well as offering the latest functions and features of mobile phone technology.

From standard feature phones, to rugged smartphones running the Android operating system, JCB offers an entire range of devices to suit all needs.

Many are waterproof and dustproof whilst still retaining a slim form-factor and offering premium features such as cameras, WiFi connectivity and touchscreen functionality.

  • Festival-proofing your smartphone

    24th June 2013

    With festival season well and truly upon us, it’s important to know how to keep your smartphone safe from the notoriously soaking weather, free from the squelching mud below you and still miraculously running by the end of the weekend.

JCB Mobile Phones

The biggest name in hardy mobile phones, JCB combine the latest tech features with unbeatable durability in their fantastic range of toughphones. Waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant and built to military specifications, for those interested in getting their hands on a smartphone capable of handling everything the world throws at it – models such as the JCB Pro-Smart are an ideal choice. With an integrated torch, expandable storage capable of supporting an extra 32GB via a MicroSD port and powered by a 800MHz processor, you'll find a great range of features on offer here as well as a fantastic selection of mobile phone offers online with us.

While the JCB Pro-Smart was the first Android toughphone to be offered by the brand, it's far from the only option. Take a look at the JCB Pro-Talk, available on leading networks such as Orange and Vodafone, for a powerhouse of technology encased in a resilient, waterproof shell. Containing an 8 channel, two-way radio, Bluetooth connectivity and dual SIM capabilities, this is the ultimate communication tool which throws a 2MP camera, GPS technology and quad band roaming into the mix for a fantastic combination.

Alternatively, the JCB Sitemaster 2 builds on the features of its predecessor and is 1 ton pressure tested and 2 metre drop tested to give you ultimate peace of mind. If you're looking for a mobile handset which doesn't neglect practicality in its quest for intuitive features then a JCB phone is certainly a shrewd investment. Balancing consumer desire for advanced features with the practical need for a durable handset, many of these models are even sold with 2 years worth of warranty so you can get all the tech features you want without having to worry about damaging a delicate handset.