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HTC 7 Pro

HTC 7 Pro HTC 7 Pro Specifications

A fantastic handset from HTC, which runs off the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Designed for business use, the HTC 7 Pro allows you to view and edit the latest Office documents with ease; quickly and easily cut through the clutter to see only the unread, urgent, or flagged messages in your Outlook inbox; and use SharePoint when you need a little bit of help from your team to crack the latest project.

The slide and tilt screen on the HTC 7 Pro angles perfectly to reveal a dedicated QWERTY keyboard. The keys are raised and nicely spaced for fast and comfortable typing. And because the screen tilts, the HTC 7 Pro is perfect for watching videos — hands free — when you have a brief moment to kick back and relax.

Stay on top of the market with up-to-date finance information. The Stocks app lets you view stock prices and check indices. Define up to 30 stocks and track their progress, and simply rotate the handset to view charts in full-screen detail.

A 5 megapixel camera, with autofocus and flash, takes great snaps on the go, and you can even share them with your friends or on your social networking sites.

Wi-Fi, GPS, 8GB memory, mp3 player, 3G and plenty more features, this nifty lightweight device is perfect for use in the office, or at home.

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