Easter Special - What smartphone apps would Jesus use?

17th April 2014

Join us as we take a slightly irreverent look at what smartphone apps Jesus, founder of the Christian faith, would have used, if smartphones had existed in 30AD (the Sony Xperia Z2 or the HTC One M8 didn’t exist back then, or at least not as far as we know).

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Heartbleed bug affects Android phones, but you CAN use your phone safely

16th April 2014

The Heartbleed bug, the biggest threat to internet security since, well, ever, has been making headlines all week, and some Android phones (those running Android 4.1.1, NOT newer phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8) are vulnerable to it. Attacks on individual devices are unlikely, and would be initiated by the user clicking on a malicious link or installing a malicious app. Thus, follow good security practice (don’t click on things you don’t know etc), to keep yourself safe until Google and manufacturers have fixed the bug.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 - stock selling out fast!

15th April 2014

On launch-day the Samsung Galaxy S5 outsold the Galaxy S4 by 30% in Korea, and saw more than double the sales of last year’s flagship in some European markets. It’s also going out of stock in many places, but we still have it available, so grab one quick, before they’re all snapped up!

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Rumour - Apple will make two versions of the iWatch

14th April 2014

For a long time, there have been rumours that Apple is working on its first smartwatch. According to a new rumour, that first smartwatch may actually be two separate smartwatches, one of which will carry a price of thousands of US dollars, although there’s no indication yet as to whether they will be Bluetooth accessories (like the Galaxy Gear, which needs to be linked to a Samsung smartphone) or standalone devices like those watches which use Android Wear.

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5 top tips for getting the most out of your new iPhone

11th April 2014

Have you bought yourself an iPhone recently? Then our 5 top tips, ranging from using iTunes to having a conversation with Siri, and beyond, will help you to start getting the most out of your new device.

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