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Mobile Phone Upgrades

At Buymobiles we can upgrade everyone*, even if you didn’t buy your existing contract from us! Our range of mobile phone upgrade deals brings you the latest handsets on the best upgrade price plans!

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading your handset with your existing network has huge benefits… You get to choose the latest smartphone, on a range of great price plans, plus you can keep your existing phone number! There’s no credit check either when you upgrade, meaning the process is easy and completely hassle-free!

Simply choose a new handset, on a great value tariff, and we’ll do the rest!

Call today on 033 3006 9343
Lines are open Mon - Fri 9am till 5.30pm. Sat 10am till 2pm.

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Upgrade to EE from Orange and T-Mobile


If you're with Orange or T-Mobile, we have great news for you: you can upgrade your contract to an EE price plan, which not only comes with fantastic benefits, but also means you'll be part of the UK's biggest mobile network!

4g data on all ee price plans

Experience blazing-fast 4G on the UK’s biggest mobile network, allowing you to browse, stream and download faster than ever. Double speed 4G is also available with EE Extra plans.

keep your number

Orange and T-Mobile are owned by EE, so that means you can keep your existing mobile number. That way, you avoid the hassle of having to update everyone with a new one.

no credit check

When upgrading from Orange or T-Mobile to EE, a credit check isn’t necessary. That way, you’re less likely to encounter any issues, and more likely to get your handset sooner.

get the latest handset

By upgrading, you can pick and choose from a wide range of the latest smartphones, and get yourself a great price plan in reward for your loyalty.

fantastic ee extras

Upgrade with EE and you’ll give yourself access to reams of extra perks like EE Tickets, for discounts on theatre shows, music gigs, sporting events and lots more.

upgrade early

If you’ve still got some time left on your existing contract, but you can’t wait another moment for the latest smartphone, upgrade early by paying off the remaining duration.

Upgrade FAQs

Yes you can! Here at Buymobiles, we can upgrade absolutely everyone, regardless of where you got your existing mobile contract from.
Upgrading is easy! Simply make sure that you are due an upgrade (this is usually 45 days before the end of your current contract) by checking with your current network, choose your handset from the wide range available, and purchase! We’ll do the rest!
Yes you can! Keeping your existing number is even easier when you upgrade – your number is simply transferred, by the network, onto to your new price plan, meaning there is no number porting needed. The whole process is completely hassle-free, leaving you to simply enjoy your new handset and contract!
Upgrading is often cheaper than getting a new contract, as the network rewards you for staying with them by offering more competitive tariffs… Plus, you get a brand new handset, from the latest available, absolutely free! Check out the latest handset and price plans here.
If you simply can’t wait for your contract to end before you get the next ‘must-have smartphone' you can upgrade early! This is usually 45 days before the end of your existing contract. Contact us today on 030 003 6094 if you want to upgrade early.
If you’re on EE or T-Mobile, you can simply text UP to 150 and you will receive a text message with your upgrade date. If you are with Orange, you can call the network on 07953 966250.
Don’t worry – we’ve got a huge range of SIM-free smartphones for you to choose from, which you can use with your existing SIM card until you’re eligible to upgrade.
This might be because you haven't had your current contract for long enough yet. Call us on 030 003 6094 to find out about upgrading early.
The Orange and T-Mobile brands are owned by EE, which means you’re still with exactly the same company. With EE you’ll get great benefits, such as 4G data and free tethering… Take a look at some of the other benefits of upgrading to EE.
That’s the great thing about upgrading – because the network already knows you, there is no further credit check performed when you take a new contract with them!
You can get money for your old handset by recycling it with Buymobiles. We offer competitive prices, and the money is paid directly into your bank account! Find out more about recycling your old phone here.

Trade-In your old handset

If you trade-in your old handset, your upgrade becomes even cheaper, meaning you get the very best value price plan!

Act now and don’t leave your old handset gathering dust – get up to £230 off your upgrade when you trade-in!

As long as your handset powers on and off, is fully functional, and has no screen or casing damage (other than regular wear and tear) we will pay you the working condition price – guaranteed!

Get a quote now and see how much your old phone could save you!

*Only applicable to Orange, T-Mobile and EE customers.

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