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iPhone XR

• 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display for the best view.
• Six stunning colours and a water-resistant design.
• 12MP camera system with incredible portrait mode.



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Choose your finish



Top EE iPhone XR Plan

iPhone XR 128GB top deal
  • 40GB Data
  • + Unlimited Mins
  • + Unlimited Texts

£0.00 Upfront

£39.00 a month

Top O2 iPhone XR Plan

iPhone XR 128GB top deal
  • 60GB
    160GB Data
  • + Unlimited Mins
  • + Unlimited Texts

£0.00 Upfront

£34.00 a month

iPhone XR Plans

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Grab the iPhone XR SIM Free with no contract.


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iPhone XR SIM Free

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You’ll be contract free when you go SIM free. No ties, no commitments, you’re free to do what you want.

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Contract free. Fuss free.

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Want to learn more about iPhone XR?

Top iPhone XR features.

In our iPhone XR guide, we take a closer look at this Apple phone. With the most advanced LCD in the industry, a breakthrough camera system, and a powerful chip, this iPhone is brilliant in every way.

The 6.1-inch display is the largest LCD ever seen on an iPhone, and six new stunning finishes make this smartphone design stand out. Check out our smartphone guide to get all the information you need on what to expect from your new iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR has an innovative camera sensor working with the Neural Engine to give you incredible photos. You also get a beautiful design, long-lasting battery, and the biggest LCD on an iPhone; the iPhone XR gives you more of everything.

Faster Face ID, an incredible processor for AR gaming and more, the iPhone XR performs everything seamlessly. You get all the Apple apps you love, including Siri, which is better than ever. If you want an Apple phone at a great price, the iPhone XR is the one.

iPhone XR camera.

The iPhone XR has one of the best single-lens cameras on the market. Using the Bionic processor and Neural Engine, the camera captures the world to create photos that are always impressive. Portrait mode keeps your subject in the foreground with all the focus on them. An artful touch of blurring the background delivers pro-level photos you will want to share.

Enhanced bokeh takes portrait mode photos to a whole new level, with a sophisticated background blur. Depth Control lets you adjust the depth of field in a photo after you take the shot. It gives you complete control over the blurring intensity so you can play around until you find the perfect finish.

The TrueDepth selfie camera on the iPhone XR includes the same fantastic Portrait mode with Depth Control, and you can shoot HD video at 1080p up to 60fps. Whichever side you shoot from, the iPhone XR captures impressive video and photo quality.

Apple iPhone XR Deals

iPhone XR screen.

The 6.1-inch iPhone XR display is the largest LCD Apple has ever used on an iPhone. Apple uses an innovative design with a backlight to stretch the screen from corner to corner. Industry-leading colour accuracy gives you true to life colour.

True Tone technology works with the screen to adjust to the world around you. The surrounding light is recognised by the phone, and the screen brightness is tailored to suit. So, if you are outside in bright sunlight or hanging out on the sofa, the display makes sure you get to see everything as you should.

The almost edge-to-edge design of the display gives you more room in a phone that remains compact. Apple has given the phone superslim bezels, so you get more screen. Haptic touch lets you use simple interactions to activate shortcuts or menus. You can do a short or long press, and the screen vibration gives you the sensation of pressing a real button.

Apple iPhone XR Deals

iPhone XR design.

The iPhone XR design is one of the most striking things about the phone. You get the familiar iPhone look with a bigger display, slim bezels, and exceptional materials. Every element of the phone is thought out, and you can feel that as soon as you pick it up.

The most durable front glass protects the screen, and the phone is precision-engineered with aerospace-grade aluminium bands for durability and strength. A seven-layer colour process makes each colour choice look rich and sumptuous. The iPhone XR has edges that are rounded, and the back is covered in the same sturdy glass as the front.

The iPhone XR comes in a choice of colours with black, white, blue, coral, red, and yellow models available. The phone has a design that feels premium, giving you all the iPhone quality at a lower price.

Apple iPhone XR Deals

iPhone XR battery.

The super-efficient processor on the Apple iPhone XR gives you all-day use, so you won't have to worry about the battery. It lasts longer so you can enjoy up to 15 hours of browsing, 16 hours of video playback, or up to 65 hours of audio playback.

When you do have to recharge, the iPhone XR battery can recharge quickly so you can be on your way. Although not included, the phone works with a wireless charging matt or fast-charge adaptor. If you use the fast-charge feature, you can go from no battery to 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes.

Apple iPhone XR Deals

iPhone XR on Contract or SIM free: What’s available?

When you buy iPhone XR, you have plenty of options for what type of offer you will get with your new phone. If you want an iPhone XR on contract or you're looking for a SIM-free phone we have everything right here. You may want to move to a new network, keeping your existing number, or getting a new one. Whichever option is the one you are looking for, we have the top iPhone XR contracts.

We have iPhone XR monthly contracts with Three, O2 and EE. We have monthly agreements with all the data you could need, and they come with plenty of extras, so you get even more out of your new iPhone. If you want to stay with your current plan and network, a SIM-free phone is ideal.

iPhone XR on a pay monthly contract.

When you get an iPhone XR on EE, you can enjoy access to all the entertainment you want. EE customers get free access to various apps and the fastest data speeds. With an EE Essential Plan, you have six months of free Apple Music, Apple News+, and three months BT Sport.

Three lets you take advantage of huge data allowances, which is great for streaming or gaming on the mighty iPhone XR. Three offers incredible unlimited data plans which is perfect for you entertainment lovers. Watch all your favourite shows and films without ever worrying about running out of data – and enjoy all of this on the iPhone XR’s stunning 6.1-inch display.

Go for an iPhone XR on Vodafone, and you have tons of entertainment and perks like savings and rewards. You can choose discounts on cinema tickets, days out, and much more. The offers change regularly, so you are bound to find something you want.

With an O2 iPhone XR contract, you get exclusive offers and savings on your monthly bill. O2 Priority is a renowned perk with the O2 network. It offers everything from access to gig tickets and sporting events to a free cup of coffee. A new collaboration with Disney gives you access to all your favourite Disney movies and discounts on your bill when you add Disney+.

iPhone XR SIM free plans.

If you are looking to buy an iPhone XR SIM-free and want to use your existing SIM card, we have what you need. A SIM-free iPhone is an ideal option when you want total freedom. You buy a new iPhone XR without signing a new monthly contract. You have full ownership of your phone, and all our SIM-free phones are suitable for use with a UK network SIM as they are UK iPhone XR stock.

Get Answers to Your iPhone XR Questions

Should I buy the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR delivers impressive features at a more affordable price. If you are considering an iPhone but don't want to pay too much, this is the phone you want. You get an incredible processor, superb 6.1-inch LCD screen and all-day battery. The impressive camera and stunning design make the iPhone XR the right choice for your next phone.

What iPhone has a bigger screen?

The iPhone 11 Pro Max, with its 6.5-inch screen, has the biggest iPhone display. The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are mid-sized with a 6.1-inch screen, and the iPhone SE is the most compact with a 4.7-inch display. The iPhone XR is a perfect choice if you want a decent-sized screen without paying flagship prices.

What are the best features of iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR price makes it perfect if you want a big iPhone display at a more affordable price. With an incredible processor, advanced camera, and beautiful design, you will love this phone. The long-lasting battery and iOS experience mean you will be happy you chose to buy an iPhone XR.

What iPhone XR colour should I get?

The iPhone XR comes in many colours so you will be able to find one you love. The innovative manufacturing technique gives each colour incredible depth and tone. If you love bright colours choose an iPhone XR yellow, blue, coral, or red. For a classic iPhone XR design, go for the black or white version.

Should I buy iPhone XR or wait for the new iPhone?

The yearly debate on whether to get the current phone or wait for the latest iPhone release is something we all go through. Each new model gets improvements and technology upgrades so it's tempting to wait. The iPhone XR is an amazing all-round phone with a performance that will stand the test of time. If you need a new phone now, you will love the iPhone XR.

Should I buy iPhone XR or iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 has a dual-lens camera system and a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina screen. That is an improvement on what you get on an iPhone XR, but that comes at a price. If you want a big display and excellent performance but don't want to spend too much, the iPhone XR is the phone to choose.

Should I buy iPhone XR on contract or SIM free?

What you need from your new phone deal will depend on the best choice. When your current contract agreement is coming to an end, the best iPhone XR prices are on a new monthly contract. If you choose to stay with your existing network and plan, a SIM-free iPhone XR is the best option. We have iPhone XR SIM-free available to pay upfront.

What is the best iPhone XR price?

The best price is on a monthly agreement as you can get the iPhone XR for free. We provide offers on all the UK's top networks so you can get the best mobile plan. If you don't want a monthly rental or new contract, we also have the iPhone XR SIM-free. The 64GB iPhone XR will be £499 while you can get the 128GB for £549.

Does the iPhone XR come with a warranty?

All of our new iPhone XR phones are UK smartphones and include a 12-month manufacturer-warranty. If you want a second-hand iPhone XR, our refurbished phonesare inspected, tested, and include a 12-month supplier warranty.

What network should I buy iPhone XR on?

If you have a mobile network you love and know it works well where you live and work, you will find all the contracts here. If you want to move to a new network, you may want to check coverage before taking up a new contract. We have iPhone XR contracts on all the top UK networks.

How do I get the best price on iPhone XR?

With all the best iPhone contracts here, you can compare them to find the best offer. We give you more choice, so you get the latest phones at the best prices. We offer free next day delivery, so you don't have to wait too long when you buy an iPhone XR.


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