Mobile phones have overtaken digital cameras as the top 2020 photographers.

We’re all guilty of whipping our phones out our pockets every single time we see a photo opportunity. Sometimes it’s to take a photo of the dog (to add to the 1000’s you already have in your camera roll) or maybe to get those family shots ready for next year’s Christmas card.

Digital cameras seem to be a thing of the past while our mobile phones were a 2020 favourite for capturing our best bits. According to Keypoint Intelligence, a whopping 1,436,300,000,000 photos were taken in 2020. If like us, you skipped reading that number, that’s over 1.43 trillion!

To put this into perspective, it would take one single person 45,544 years to reach this many photos and that’s if they snapped a shot every single second – which is absolutely insane. What we want to know is what percentage of these were taken on our mobile phones.

A graph to show the devices used to capture photos in 2020.
A whopping 90.9% of these photos were taken on mobile phones!

It seems that in the race to be photographer of the year, mobile phones took the lead and accounted for a whopping 90.9% of the photos taken in 2020. Digital cameras made up 7.3% of the photos taken while tablets made up a measly 1.8%.

Keypoint Intelligence have predicted that the number of photos that will be taken in 2021 will be 1.44 trillion. We’re crossing our fingers and toes that next year we will have so many more opportunities to get out in the world and take nothing but photos.

The thing is, you’re going to need a top phone with a cracking camera system to capture your favourite memories. Our January sale features some of the very best cameras that the mobile world has seen, and we can’t wait to show you.

Samsung snaps.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

We thought we’d kick things off with the very impressive Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. Samsung really outdid themselves with this one and we were all utterly blown away when they announced a 4G and 5G version, back in October.

5G is without a doubt one of the key factors that makes this phone so popular, however it has a camera system that will fulfil your Ansel Adams dreams in 2021. It has not one, but three camera lenses that are perfect for every photo occasion.

Maybe your cousin’s wedding has been rearranged for June 2021 and you’re looking for a great wide-lens to get every family member in the photo. The S20 FE boasts both a 12MP wide-lens and a 12MP ultra-wide lens – either way you’re guaranteed to get the shot!

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.
What's better than one camera? Three!

If you’re a lover of the details and want a lens that’ll get you close to the bride herself, the 8MP telephoto lens is perfect. You’ll be the talk of the wedding with your fancy Space Zoom feature which works by combining 3x Optical Zoom and 30x Super Resolution Zoom.

If you felt that the +1 on your invitation was a bit passive aggressive toward your single life and would much rather spend the evening drinking champagne in the corner and taking fun selfies, this phone is perfect for that too.

It boasts a cracking 32MP selfie camera as well as a fancy dual pixel sensor that means you don’t need the lighting to be on your side – you can take your drunk selfies in peace with no disturbances!

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE on O2 with 20GB data just £27 a month

Samsung Galaxy A71.

Many of you may think that to get a phone with a great camera, you’ve got to fork out lots of money but the Samsung Galaxy A71 is proof that you don’t. It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for a great budget mobile but still want a camera with that wow-factor.

It boasts four top lenses, which is insane for the price you’ll be paying. You can enjoy the huge 64MP primary camera for all your point and shoot photo-ops or make the most of the 12MP ultra-wide lens and see more of the world in 2021.

Again, if you’re more of personal-space-avoider and would rather get up close then the 5MP depth camera or macro cam is the way to go. You can obtain details as close as 40mm and even add a little background blur if you’re wanting some fancy photography options.

A close-up photo of some macaroons taken on the Samsung Galaxy A71.
Capture every single detail with the amazing Macro cam!

The 32MP selfie camera sits right at the top of your phone and includes the incredible Selfie Focus feature. This brings your face to the centre of the action and blurs out any unwanted background from each shot.

Samsung Galaxy A71 on O2 with 10GB data just £24 a month

A taste of Apple.

iPhone 12 Pro Max.

When Apple released four new iPhones, we were all blown away. Each one packed incredible 5G tech, new super-strong materials and an all new design. When we looked a little closer at the iPhone 12 Pro series, we instantly fell in love with their cameras.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has both wide and the ultra-wide lenses that have night mode integrated into them meaning you can get great shots, even when the lighting isn’t co-operating.

This is perfect for January where it literally gets dark around 4pm. Plus, thanks to LiDAR, this fancy night mode is compatible with your portraits.

Don’t just take our word for it though, we’ve got the numbers to prove it. The wide-lens can absorb a whopping 27% more light, giving you greater details in every shot. iPhone 12 Pro Max also severely raises the bar for zoom capabilities and gives a 5x optical zoom range at the snap of a finger (or tap of a screen).

A close up of the 12 Pro Max camera.
The 12 Pro Max camera does everything imaginable!

If you’ve always wanted to channel your inner director and get videos that would be Oscar-worthy, then the 12 Pro Max is perfect. It’s the first iPhone to support Dolby Vision recording – the very same tech they use in Hollywood!

iPhone 12 Pro Max on with GB data just a month

iPhone SE.

We want to assure you again that getting a great camera doesn’t mean selling everything you own, and Apple products are no exception to this. iPhone SE has the best single-lens camera ever seen on an iPhone – which we think is a huge title to earn!

A close-up of iPhone SE camera.
Why not have a go on the best single-lens camera seen on iPhone? 

This more compact and practical iPhone uses the A13 Bionic chip to deliver unbelievable photos and videos, ideal for 2021. You can take advantage of portrait mode and add an artsy touch to your shots by blurring the background – perfect for when someone photobombs in the background.

It’s not only great for photographers but also for the keen videographers of the world. It gives 4x more detail than standard 1080p HD video which will be ideal if we finally make it to a concert next year.

And that’s a snap…we mean wrap!

Data taken from this year is literal proof that we rely heavily on our mobile phones to capture all of our favourite moments throughout the year. 2021 is finally here and you’re going to need a phone with a cracking camera to make new memories next year.

Luckily for you, our January sale is live and is oozing with some unmissable prices on the very best in the mobile world. Go hard or go home in January!