Here are 10 features that all get a 10 from us.

Samsung are renowned for producing top devices with features that blow us away and the latest addition to the Galaxy family is no exception. The Galaxy S21 boasts some of the very best that Samsung has to offer.

While you think you might’ve explored every avenue on this phone, we assure you there are plenty of back alleys you’ve not yet journeyed down.

There are lots of new features that the Galaxy S21 has that we haven’t seen before. Even if you consider yourself a bit of a Samsung veteran, we can assure you that these 10 features will blow your socks off.

1)     Power up folks.

The power button on the new Galaxy S21 is a master multitasker. It can power up your phone, power off your phone and lock your phone. The most interesting thing it can do though is summon your own little assistant.

A little like when Aladdin rubbed the lamp and a big blue genie popped out, if you long press your lock button Bixby will pop up and answer all your wishes.

Bixby is the assistant that’s automatically set up, but you can switch things up and get Google Assistant on your side instead.

Here’s how to set Google Assistant as your default:

1) Go to Settings.

2) Scroll down until you see Advanced Features and select it.

3) Open the Side Key option.

4) Go to Press and Hold.

5) Select Google Assistant.

There are endless things that you can ask your virtual assistant, so this feature is definitely one to make yourself aware of. What’s the weather like today? How do you cook a Bolognese? What’s the square root of 81?

Whether you’re finding out random facts or helping your brother cheat on their math homework, your assistant has you covered.

What's the first question you'll ask?

2) Save time with Samsung Pass.

Those of you on the forgetful side will want to tune in about now. The standard rule is that all your passwords should be different and for those who follow that rule, you’ll understand the pain that comes with trying to remember them all.

Luckily for you, Samsung Pass has come to save the day. It’s a fancy way of inputting your saved passwords into your favourite apps, so you don’t have to rack your brain every time.

Someone holding a Samsung with Samsung Pass displayed.
Samsung Pass makes life easy for you. 

It does this by letting you use your fingerprint or face recognition to log into accounts, apps, and websites. It will even memorise other information like addresses and card information so you can enjoy faster online shopping in a matter of minutes.

To get started, follow these five easy steps.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Scroll down to Biometrics and Security.

3) Go to Samsung Pass.

4) Then tap the menu in the top right corner.

5) Go to Settings. Here you can edit what information is stored and how it’s used.

3) Live life on the Edge.

No literally, with the new Galaxy S21 you can enjoy the perks of Edge panels. These act as a side menu that you can tweak to hold a selection of apps, contacts and other bits and bobs so that they’re easily accessible to you.

It’s not only the contents that you can shuffle about, you can also play around with the design, size, and transparency of the Edge panel, so you can make sure it doesn’t interfere with your display. If you don’t like the panel at all, you can also get rid entirely.

Here’s how to manage this Edge panel.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Select Display menu.

3) Select Edge Panels.

4) To turn off Edge panels select the toggle.

5) If you want to edit Edge panels, tap Handle. Here you can change position, colours, transparency and more.

This handy feature will save you time and give you fast access to the apps you love and use the most.

4) Switch up your navigation.

The new Galaxy S21 boasts a feature that puts you in control. You can literally tell your phone how you want to navigate around.

The navigation bar is the bar at the bottom of your phone that lets you move between different screens and apps. Initially, your Galaxy S21 will automatically show the recent tabs button, the home button, and the back button.

It will also show the Show and hide button which will let you hide the navigation bar while you’re using different apps. This is handy if you’re watching a movie and want the entire display for the ultimate immersive experience.

If these buttons don’t quite tickle your fancy and you want something different, you can switch it up in Settings.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Scroll down to Display menu.

3) Find the Navigation bar option and select it.

4) The buttons option will already be selected. Here you can change the order around.

5) If you wish to use gestures instead, you can do this here too.

Someone holding the Samsung Galaxy S21.
Personalise your navigation bar to suit you. 

5) Float with the Galaxy S21.

The Galaxy S21 boasts the impressive Android 11 which has a fancy feature called Bubbles. This is the second best Bubbles we know, Prosecco taking the lead of course.

This feature alerts you to new notifications and pop up as a shortcut to messaging threads. It’s an easy way of keeping tabs on all your conversations and is simple to use.

1) When a chat bubble pops up on your screen, tap on it to open it up.

2) Tap Manage in the lower-left corner to view chat bubble settings.

3) Tap the + icon to view recent bubbles that you’ve used before.

4) When you’re done with the bubble, long press on it.

5) Move it to the X icon at the bottom of the screen and let go.

The Galaxy S21 has their own version of Bubbles called Smart Pop-Up view which lets you see your messages without opening the app.

We can all lie and say that we don’t intentionally ignore people, but the truth is, we do. Smart Pop-up lets you view messages without opening the app at all.

It will put your message into a little bubble on your screen so you can go back to it when you’re ready.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Open the Notifications menu.

3) Scroll to find Advanced Settings.

4) Select Floating Notifications.

5) Here you can select either Android 11 Bubbles or Smart Pop-up View. You can also disable them entirely.

6)  Video call with the Galaxy S21.

With all that’s going on in the world, what with the global pandemic and all, video calling has become the new norm. The Galaxy S21 has all-new video call effects that are perfect for socially distanced dates, catch-ups, and parties.

You can blur, add a splash of colour, or throw an image onto the background while you’re on a call.

1) Go to the Settings app.

2) Select Advanced Features.

3) Scroll down to the Video Call Effects.

4) You will be able to see a list of options: blur, colour, or image.

5) You can also turn the toggle on or off to activate or deactivate video call effects.

7) Stay on with Always On Display.

Always-On Display is a fancy feature available on your Galaxy S21. It’s a way of letting you view different things on your display, even when your phone is locked.

You can customise your display to show what you want. Whether that’s time, battery, notifications, or the date.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Select Lock screen and security.

3) Tap Always On Display to toggle on/off.

Here you can change the clock style, show information about the music you’re listening to, change screen orientation and even adjust the brightness.

The Galaxy S21 showing the Always on Display.
Always on display makes things a little easier.

8) Widget fun on the Galaxy S21.

The Galaxy S21 comes with a handy little feature that lets you pop widgets onto your lock screen. This way, you can pin different apps and see their information when your phone is locked. Whether that’s your calendar or the weather – we think it’ll come in handy.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Find the Lock Screen menu.

3) Scroll to the Widgets option and tap it.

4) You can reorder the order of the lock screen widgets.

5) When your phone is locked, double tap on the clock then swipe down to access your lock screen widgets.

9) Video in 8K.

The Galaxy S21 is great for videography lovers and lets you film top videos in 8K resolution. Whether you’re on holiday making a memory montage or videoing your little one’s school play, you’re guaranteed insane clarity and sharpness.

See details like never before and get videos that look as though they were taken with high-end video equipment.

See details like never before and get videos that look as though they were taken with high-end video equipment.

10) Stay smooth with the S21.

One feature that we think you’ll love is the 120Hz refresh rate. If you’re someone who has gamer in their bio and likes nothing better than having opponents fall at your feet, this feature is perfect.

Get ready for a more seamless and smooth gaming experience with fewer lag and buffering.

Feature fun.

These are just 10 of the best features we’ve picked out that the Galaxy S21 has. There are so many more that we could add to the list, but we’re sure you’ve got lots to do.

You’ll have to bag yourself a top Galaxy S21 deal today and explore everything else that it can do. Which colour has caught your eye?