Here’s a flurry of features for you to explore.

Android are on the ball with their software updates and with each one, there are a whole bunch of features that send your mobile experience soaring.

There are some that you’re quick to explore, take Android Auto for example. However, others seem to fade off into the distance and are forgotten about very easily.

The thing is, most of these features that are overlooked are actually super-handy and we think that they deserve some recognition.

On that note, here are 5 of the best, but hidden, Android features that may have slid under your radar.

1)     Faster than fast.

Fast-app switching is a handy Android feature that makes it easier to flick from messages to Facebook then to your emails.

It’s evolved a lot over the years, and we’ll forgive you if you’ve over looked it – it doesn’t exactly scream exciting.

There is a thin line at the bottom of your mobile and if you flick your finger right, it will take you to your most recently used app – faster than you can say fast-app switching! Which is more of a tongue twister than you think.

If you flick your finger to the left, it’ll take you back in the other direction. If you’re not quite sure what the last app was that you used, and you’re nervous that the screen will go back to that mug-shot your friend sent you, don’t worry.

If you do a little swipe up on that line, it’ll show you your app history – so you can avoid any accidental mishaps.

2)     Sharing is caring.

Share menu pinning was stolen for a while and only returned back to us with the Android 11 release. It works to make it easier for you to get speedy access to your most used apps.

Maybe some of you love a good scroll through Facebook. Afterall, there’s nothing quite like starting the night on steak fajita video only to end up on the top 10 golden buzzer acts on BGT.

Maybe you’re a workaholic and love nothing more than checking and organising all of your emails or spend your life texting in group chats.

Whatever it is, this feature lets you customise the order of apps in your phone’s Share menu which makes for easy access.

If you hold down the app you want to pin, you’ll see a list of sharing options. Select pin and it’ll appear at the top of your menu. You can pin up to four apps and they’ll appear in alphabetic order too – super handy!

3)     Coming to you live from Android.

This hidden feature is probably our favourite. We don’t know about you, but we find there’s something so therapeutic about watching a video with subtitles.

Subtitles are like Marmite though – you either love them or you hate them. Android 10 brought a feature known as Live Caption which is perfect for those who can’t hear very well or are in a situation where you can’t listen to a video.

Live Caption being demonstrated on Android.
Live Caption certainly makes your life easier. 

It allows you to see what a video or podcast is saying without having to play any audio. It’s perfect when you’re on the train or in the office.

Whenever you’re playing any media, simply tap the box that appears underneath the volume controls. This will give you your very own transcriber letting you read the audio rather than having to squint your eyes and lip read.

4)     Be our guest.

Is there any feeling quite as nerve wracking as handing your mobile over to someone? Even if it’s just for a brief moment.

Perhaps they’re borrowing it to watch a video or to stalk someone’s profile that they don’t follow. Whatever it is, Guest Mode on your Android will give you that extra peace of mind.

It works by tucking away all your personal apps and accounts and only allows those on your mobile to see the pre-installed apps.

Here’s how to enable Guest Mode.

1)     Swipe down at the top of your screen to open your notifications.

2)     Tap on your Avatar in the top right corner.

3)     Select Add Guest and your mobile will switch to Guest Mode.

5) It’s focus time.

This feature is perfect for those heavy social-media users! Focus Mode lets you customise a list of apps you want to silence.

This means that they won’t notify you in those times when you need to get your work pants on. If you’ve got a big project on at work or just want some time to switch off, turning off your notifications is the perfect thing to do.

A screenshot of Focus Mode on Android.
Concentrating is easy with Focus Mode. 

Head to the Digital Wellbeing section in your phone’s system settings and then select Focus Mode. This will let you create your own list so you can wind down and concentrate on what’s really important.

Don’t miss out.

These hidden features may not appear all that exciting at first glance but believe us when we say that they’ll make a hell of a difference to how you use your Android.

If you’re looking to discover all that Android has to offer, you’re in luck. We’ve got top prices on the very best from Android – with free next day delivery too! Get exploring.