Hey Google, what hidden tricks do you have?

Google are renowned for their epic Pixel devices, particularly for their awesome camera technology.

However, they boast a number of features that aren’t quite as front and centre, and we don’t want you to neglect them.

Pixel mobiles are unique in hosting a bunch of tricks that aren’t part of Android or available on other devices.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the new Google Pixel 6, we thought we’d explore 5 things that make Pixel perfect.

1) Keeping storage smart.

We’re not talking storage with a uni degree, we’re talking storage that works around your needs so you can make the most out of it.

Smart Storage partners up with Google Photos to remove copies of backed up media after a certain time frame.

If you take a look at your storage on your mobile, more often than not it’s photos and videos that tend to suck up all the space.

This is when the Cloud comes into play. When you’ve synced all of your photos to the cloud, there’s no need to keep local copies – nobody likes a hoarder.

To activate Smart Storage, follow these steps:

1)     Head to System Settings on your Pixel.

2)     Select Storage.

3)     Select Smart Storage.

4)    Select whether you want your photos to be removed at 30, 60 or 90 days old.

This way you’re saving a whole lot of room – without having to fork out for extra storage or doing anything for yourself.

2) Keep safe while driving.

Looking at your mobile while driving is ridiculously dangerous – but we don’t have to tell you that.

You might be tempted to glance at it and check who has sent you a text or to change song but Driving Mode on your Pixel will ensure you stay safe and sound.

Driving Mode detects when you’re in a moving vehicle and will automatically put your mobile in Do Not Disturb mode.

Or, if your car has Android Auto, it’ll open that up and let you access bits of your mobile through your car.

It works by keeping incoming messages away from drawing your attention and tempting you while you’re out cruising.

1)     Head to System Settings.

2)     Select Connection Preferences.

3)     Tap Driving Mode.

We all love a good car journey and this way you’re staying safe and sound.

3) Get to grips with Google Lens.

We couldn’t go through this list without mentioning one camera related feature. Google Lens has a lot of handy tricks that make using your Pixel easy.

You can use Lens to copy text from a letter in front of you to scan it in an email, to scan QR codes, snapshot addresses from business cards or leaflets and so much more.

It can be downloaded on a number of devices, but you Pixel users get to access the lens from your camera.

Someone using the Google Pixel mobile to take a photo of a dog.
Google Lens will get you the perfect shot. 

1) Double press your power button to open up the camera.

2) Aim your mobile at what you want to process.

3) Await for Lens to provide a pop up.

If you are wanting to focus on specific text, you can hold your finger down on the text on your image. This will allow you to copy it, search for it and other bits and bobs too.

4) Flip it fast.

Another camera feature for you Pixel lovers. There are a number of impressive camera hacks that you can take advantage of, and this is one of the best.

Have you ever experienced one of those moments that happens so fast, you don’t get a chance to catch it on camera?

You’re in luck. Your Pixel has a built-in fast-flipping gesture that ensures you don’t miss a single moment of the action.

1) Open your camera.

2) Twist your wrist twice.

This will flip your camera round and allow you to snap photos with either the front camera or the back in a flash.

5) Quick clips are made possible.

We’ve spoken about those moments that you need to capture a snap of quickly, but what about when you need to get them on video.

A classic example is when someone slips or trips – which let’s admit, is always funny. Or when one of your little ones finally plucks up the courage to jump in the sea on your family holiday.

Sometimes things just happen so fast and then the moments gone – but not with your Pixel mobile. Pixels have a cool feature that lets you catch videos in a flash without having to change things around.

You’ll even be able to snapshot photos from your video too – giving you the best of both worlds.

1) Open your camera.

2) Press and hold the shutter button.

3) Your mobile will immediately start recording.

Once your video is recorded, tap the preview that appears in the camera app. If you locate it in Google photos, you can swipe up on the screen to view all available still shots.

The perfect Pixel pointers.

Some of the best features aren’t always the most apparent, and though these 5 are more hidden, they’ll certainly make using your Pixel so much easier.