Your iPhone is heading for a makeover.

Apple have kicked off our summer in the right way and unveiled the latest version of their iOS system update – introducing iOS 15.

You may have only just gotten your head around widgets, the App Library and the fact you can use Face ID while wearing a mask, but Apple have got something else lined up for you.

iOS 15 introduces new features and updates for your favourite iOS features, including FaceTime, notifications, Maps and more.

Apple is set to release iOS 15 later this year, likely between September and November, but we thought you’d like a little taste of everything it has to offer beforehand.

Here are 10 of the best features of iOS 15.

1) Is there a new interior designer in the house?

Notifications are getting a complete revamp as iOS 15 is set to bring a whole bunch of updates that make them easier on the eye and much more practical.

With the new update, Notifications will display contact photos for people making it easier to distinguish who it is that’s popped up on your iPhone.

Your iPhone will also do the hard work for you and filter through your notifications to determine which are urgent and which aren’t.

The all-new personalised notification summary will collectively gather non-urgent notifications and deliver them at a better time.

Notification updates on iOS15.
Notifications are getting a revamped. 

How does it know which are urgent? You ask. We’re glad you did because this is when it gets cool. On-device intelligence will analyse your interactions with apps and then determine which apps and notifications you’d want to see.

Right now, you can mute any app or messaging conversation and iOS 15 will suggest muting a thread if you’re not particularly engaged with it.

Be it the old university group chat you wish you could leave but feel too bad, or it’s the family group chat with photos of babies and kitchen tiles to choose from.

2) FaceTime fun.

iOS 15 will bring more than one update to FaceTime making it more fun for everyone. Spatial Audio is a new funky feature that will allow voices to sound as though they’re coming from wherever the person is located on the screen.

With new microphone modes, you’ll be able to distinguish your recipients voice from any background noise, making for better calls no matter where they take place.

If you’re using FaceTime for a work call or your kitchen is messy and you don’t want people to see, Portrait mode is coming for you.

This will allow you to blur your background and put yourself as the star of the show – which is what we all want on a FaceTime isn’t it?

SharePlay is another super-cool feature that we want to talk about. It allows users to share experiences with each other during calls.

This means you could have a movie date over FaceTime as all media is synced and shared between participants. Anyone in the SharePlay session can interact with the content, be that to play, pause, fast forward or rewind.

SharePlay on FaceTime.
Share your favourite content on FaceTime. 

Apple have even got Disney+, TikTok, HBO and more on board – making it easier to enjoy your favourite entertainment.

The major FaceTime update is the fact that it’s coming to Android. You read that right people. With iOS 15, FaceTime users can send a link to Android users, allowing them to join the call via the web.

This means Android users will never again have to feel left out of those big group calls – they’ll finally get a taste of what Apple has to offer.

3) See everything in 3D.

Maps is getting a huge update courtesy of iOS 15. How does an enhanced, 3D view of your favourite cities sound?

The world is soon to be opening back up again and we imagine you have more road trips planned than ever before.

Maps is set to help you get to where you need to be – only this time it looks much nicer. Houses, shops, schools, monuments and everything in between will be brought to life in 3D. Enjoy a more scenic route – you deserve it.

3D Maps feature on iPhone.
A new update is coming to Maps. 

If you prefer to keep things greener and love to walk, there’s an update for you too. A new walking directions view will use augmented reality to generate an accurate position that lets you see the world around you more clearly.

4) A trip down memory lane.

The Photos app is getting a huge update to its Memories section, including a new design, a more interactive interface and full Apple Music integration.

You can flick through your holiday photos from last year and Memories will suggest songs based on your listening history.

This offers a more personalised experience that’ll have you feeling all kinds of nostalgia as you sieve through them.

If you’re familiar with memories, you’ll know that there are currently trends that show a holiday or Christmas, but the new update will bring new trends that make memories much more fun.

Enjoy child-focused memories, international holidays and improved pet memories – so you can distinguish between more than one dog!

5) Your Health counts.

Apple’s Health app is a great way of making sure you stay fit and healthy as well as safe. iOS 15 brings updates to the app that allow you to enjoy a more in-depth experience.

Share your health data with family members and carers with the new sharing tab. It’s important that those closest to you know what’s going on with your health so they can assist you should you ever need it.

Health on iPhone.
Share your health data with your loved ones. 

One thing that’s certainly worth shouting about is the fact that the new updates bring the option to input your COVID-19 vaccinations and test results to the app. To do this, users will simply need to use a QR code from a healthcare provider.

We can’t wait.

iOS 15 isn’t far away people and this guide to its best features should get you excited for the day it arrives.

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