Hey Google, can you help me?

Google Assistant is so much more than a way to quickly check football scores or ask what the weather will be like on Saturday.

Google Assistant can be just that – your very own personal assistant. It’ll have you feeling like an A-list celebrity, only you won’t need to provide it with an office or a salary.

There are a whole bunch of tips and tricks that come with Google Assistant, from making dinner reservations to reading you a bedtime story.

Many Android users will be all too familiar with saying ‘Hey, Google’ or ‘Ok, Google’, but it’s not a service that’s limited to Androids – iPhone users can enjoy it too.

The only difference being that iPhone users have to download the app and open it up to command it.

Here are 5 of the best ways you can use Google Assistant.

1) Dinner for two?

If you’re the type of person who hates calling up a restaurant to book reservations, this one’s for you.

If you say, ‘Hey Google, book a table at [insert your restaurants favourite name]’, your Google Assistant will go ahead and book you a spot.

A screengrab from the Google Assistant advert showing Google Assistant making a dinner reservation.
Let Google Assistant book your dinner reservations.

You’ll have to fill in a couple of the blanks of course such as timings, number of people and the date too.

Follow these steps, click confirm and enjoy your meal!

2) Enjoy a bedtime story.

Well, this depends on what type of reading you enjoy before bed. Google Assistant will read you an entire article from the internet.

Whether this is a Wikipedia page about something whacky and weird or something a little more factual.

Kick back with a cup of tea while Google Assistant does all of the reading. To get started say, ‘Hey Google, open Google Assistant settings.’

Swipe down the Settings screen, tap General and then turn on Use Screen Context. You can then use Google Chrome to search for an article and say, ‘Hey Google, read it’.

If Google is going too fast for you, feel free to pause the reading or start it from the beginning. You’ll even be able to choose between different languages – perfect if you want to brush up on your Spanish.

3) Leave waiting on hold in the past.

Waiting on hold is nothing but a pain. What is it with the classical music? We’re all about branching out but 8 minutes solid of Mozart is enough to make anyone lose their mind.

If it’s not classical it’s some cheesy pop song by the likes of Katy Perry or Jess Glynne. Our point is, it’s hell.

Google Assistant takes away the pain of waiting around on hold and will actually hold the line for you until someone is available on the other end of the call.

To get started, you have to download the Phone by Google app. You then select the three dots in the top corner, select Settings, then select Hold for Me. After you’ve turned on its switch, you’ll be ready to go.

When you place your call, Google Assistant will hold it for you. When someone becomes available, your mobile will chime and vibrate.

4) Talk to Google, even when your mobile is locked.

There are countless moments in life when both of your hands are occupied but you need to make a phone call or set a reminder.

Perhaps you’re doing the pots and covered in Fairy liquid or you’re juggling a toddler and a saucepan while cooking.

Someone holding a mobile displaying Google Assistant.
Talk to Google, even when your mobile is locked. 

Maybe you’re just feeling the urge to relax with a book and a glass of wine. Whatever it is, Google Assistant will take care of your needs – hands-free!

Leave your mobile locked and talk to Google Assistant freely.

5) Say goodbye to spam calls.

Spam calls are inevitable. There’s always some sad individual hounding us with claims that our bank accounts are about to be closed or someone’s on their way to steal our dog – always complete nonsense of course.

There’s a way that Google Assistant can screen your calls and take the ones that you don’t want to.

If you get a call from a number that you don’t recognise, tap the Screen Call button and Google Assistant will answer. Hey, it’ll even provide a live transcript for you, letting you jump in or hang up at any time.

Hey Google, thanks a lot.

These 5 handy Google Assistant tips are set to make using your mobile much more fun and easier too.

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