Enjoy a commitment free bargain.

We all want to save money where we can. And what better way to do this than with a flexible SIM only plan?

That’s why as well as offering loads of epic pay monthly deals, we range shorter term, more flexible SIM only deals.

One network we want to scream and shout about is SMARTY, and we can think of at least 5 smart reasons to choose them today.

1) Wave goodbye to commitment issues.

If you love your current mobile and want to stick with what you know, a SIM only deal is the way to go – and a SMARTY SIM only deal is the network to choose for you commitment-phobes.

SMARTY offer 1 month plans with no contracts, credit checks or surprises when your bill comes.

A SMARTY SIM only plan offers you something flexible and allows you to change, pause or cancel your plan whenever you want to.

2) Add-ons for everyone.

Sometimes, we select plans that we think will be right for us, then the Wi-Fi breaks or we unexpectedly get called into the office for work.

With SMARTY, you can enjoy add-ons at the time you need them the most. At £1 per GB, running out of data just simply isn’t an option. You’ll be able to buy them right from your dashboard.

3) Unlimited fun.

Staying connected with our loved ones is vital. Whether that's texting or spending hours on the phone.

With a SMARTY SIM, you can enjoy unlimited calls and texts on every plan. Now there will be no excuse to not call all your in-laws...

4) Stick with what you know.

With SMARTY, not only do you get to keep the phone you know and love, you can keep your number too!

This avoids that unnecessary stress of getting in touch with all your contacts and sending that dreaded text saying ‘new number’ followed by your name.

It couldn’t be easier to keep your number too. All you’ll need to do is text ‘PAC’ to 65075 to get a switching code that’ll stay valid for 30 days.

SMARTY themselves will then walk you through what you need to do.

5) Roam away from home.

SMARTY will have you feeling at home, even when you’re not. If you’ve got plans to travel to a country in the EU, everything in your plan will work the same.

The data you use will come out of your monthly allowance or data add-ons. If you’re travelling to a country outside of the EU, you’ll need to add an ‘Out of Plan’ add-on.

Be sure to check out SMARTY’s Fair Use Policy – we wouldn’t want any shockers coming your way.

Be smart, choose SMARTY.

Having been recognised as a Which? Recommended Provider for Mobile Network April 2021, SMARTY's a network you can definitely count on.

From flexible plans, unlimited texts and calls and the ability to use your mobile away from home, SMARTY is the ultimate SIM only network to check out.

You can browse our best SMARTY SIM only plans today, choose the perfect one for you and enjoy it as soon as tomorrow with free next day delivery.