Always in a rush? We’ve got you covered.

Is there anything worse than a simple task taking longer than you expected? The small ironing pile that you swore would only take an hour took three.

The recipe you followed said the chicken only needed 30 minutes and after 50 it’s still not done.

This is the same with your mobile. You’re on the go, rushing out of the door to get to work and you want to make a quick call or check your email while already on a call.

You only have two hands and often your other hand is occupied with a bag, a cup of coffee or is hand in hand with your little one.

We’ve devised a handy guide with 5 of the best time-saving features on your Android.

1) Introducing split-screen.

You no longer have to be split minded when it comes to which app you want to use. Split-screen is a handy feature on Android which allows you to open two apps at once.

This means you can be watching a video online and still text your friend back or be on a video call and respond to an email.

1)     Head to your Android home screen.

2)     Tap the square icon at the bottom.

3)     Select and hold the app icon.

4)     Tap split screen.

This will pin your app to the top half of the screen and the lower app will show the app switcher.

Here you’ll be able to open a second app of your choosing. Multi-tasking has never been easier!

2) Quick settings made quicker.

If you’re a fan of shortcuts, this one’s for you. The quick settings menu is a handy feature that you can customise to your own liking.

Add your most used apps to this section of your phone and access them with ease.

1)     Swipe down from the top of your screen.

2)     Hit the pencil icon in the bottom-left corner.

3)     Hold and drag your chosen apps.

This trick is a key time-saver and will let you quickly access the apps you love the most – with one hand.

3) Get the best shots in no time.

Sometimes the best moments happen in a flash, before you have chance to whip out your phone and catch it on camera.

That’s a thing of the past with this feature. Android have devised a way to ensure you never miss a moment of the action.

A close up of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera.
Getting great shots has never been easier. 

1)     Double press the power button twice.

2)     Wait for the camera to launch.

And that’s it. You’ll be able to quickly snap key things in life with two clicks of a button.

4) Quicker texting every time.

Some people love texting others loathe it. Whatever side you’re on, Android have devised a tactic to help you.

When you’re texting your loved ones, swiping on the keyboard will allow you to write sentences much quicker.

This is an old feature of Android, but it’s one that’ll change your every day.

5) Move your cursor easier and faster.

It’s an absolute pain when you make a mistake while sending a text message or an email and don’t notice it until you’re proof reading.

This is especially frustrating when you’ve written a paragraph as long as your arm. No matter how hard you try to pinpoint your cursor at the mistake, it always ends up highlighting everything or appearing six words away.

Android have fixed this issue to make your messaging more precise and faster too. Simply hold down your space bar key and swipe it in the direction of the mistake. Leave typos in the past!

Android the time saver.

And the life saver. These 5 handy time saving features make your mobile experience much quicker, more efficient and super-easy too.

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