The best tricks to make your iPhone’s juice last longer.

Probably the only frustrating thing we face with our iPhones is the battery life. We hate to admit it, but the moment our phone dies, we’re lost.

It creates a void and our instincts would be to Google ‘things to do when your phone dies’ – but of course, we can’t.

Battery life has drastically improved on iPhone, with new advancements appearing at every new release.

The iPhone 13, for example, boasts an additional 2.5 hours of battery life when compared to iPhone 12.

This is incredible for heavy mobile users, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra tricks up your sleeve to help you prolong your iPhone’s battery life. Here are 5 of the best.

1) Introducing Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode seems like an obvious place to start, but there’s more than one thing you can do with this feature.

It’s not just a case of switching it on and waiting for the magic to happen, you can actually customise this setting to vastly improve your battery life.

As a rule, Low Power Mode will kick in when your iPhone is all the way down to 20%. There’s an automation you can set up that will automatically turn on Low Power Mode at the percentage you choose to set.

1) Open up the Shortcuts app and head to the Automation tab.

2) Select the + button at the top.

3) Choose Create Personal Automation.

4) Head to Battery Level.

5) Use the slider to select the percentage you want to select.

6) Hit the Next button.

7) Search for Set Low Power Mode and set it to On.

8) Choose Next and disable the Ask Before Running feature.

9) Tap Done to save the setting.

When your iPhone reaches the percentage you’ve chosen, Low Power Mode will automatically activate, reducing your battery drain before you hit the danger zone.

2) Optimisation is your friend

This is quite a new feature to the Apple world but it’s one we suggest you get familiar with. Optimised Battery Charging will assess your charging routine – which we all have.

Perhaps you stick your iPhone on charge after work while you cook dinner, shower and chill out.

Maybe you’re someone who puts their iPhone on charge before you go to sleep – a popular routine we may add.

But did you know that charging your iPhone over 80% and leaving it there, will actually cause your mobile battery to drain faster?

Battery Optimisation is a way of ensuring your iPhone wont charge past 80% until the moment you need it the most.

If you do keep your iPhone on charge while you sleep, this feature will it to stop charging at 80% then will fully charge your iPhone an hour or so before your usual wake up time.

1) Head to Settings.

2) Select Battery.

3) Tap Battery Health.

4) Enable Optimised Battery Charging.

Not only is your iPhone smart enough to learn your routine, Battery Optimisation will also take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry.

3) Let Siri sleep

Siri is amazing for so many things. Checking the weather. Getting a little joke when you’re feeling blue. Or to send texts and make calls when your hands are full.

But when you need to save your battery for more important things, deactivating Siri is the best thing to do.

Siri is constantly listening for wake words and it’s time you put it to sleep so your iPhone battery lasts longer. Plus, you can always turn it back on when you don’t need to save power.

1) Head to Settings.

2) Find Siri & Search.

3) Disable Listen for Hey Siri.

You’ll still be able to speak to Siri if you press and hold your volume down button, you’ll just save some juice this way.

4) Hunt out rogue apps

It’s a known fact that some apps drain your battery but how clued up are you on rogue apps?

Some apps decide to go off on their own in the background and drain your battery. Sometimes it’s the apps you least expect like Music and Photos.

There’s a way you can check to see which apps are using too much battery – even when you aren’t on the app.

1) Head to Settings.

2) Select Battery.

3) Check which apps are using the most battery.

Once you’ve identified any issues, you can restart your iPhone and voila problem solved.

5) Switch to Dark Mode

Dark Mode is not only good for saving your eyes early in the morning, it also helps to preserve battery life too.

Display and brightness settings on iPhone.
Switching to dark mode is a great way of saving power. 

The modern, more up-to-date iPhones feature OLED screens. This may not mean a lot right now, but we assure you this is a huge win in the battery saving world.

1) Go to Settings.

2) Head to Display and Brightness.

3) Enable Dark Mode.

This will darken your user interface on all platforms – taking care of your eyes and your battery problems.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t hang around and wait for your battery to drain, use these 5 easy and fast hacks to save your juice for when you need it the most.

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