Make space people, we’re here to declutter.

There’s simply nothing worse than that annoying message that pops up every so often on your iPhone.

It’ll say something along the lines of your mobile storage being full or your iCloud storage being full.

No matter how many screenshots you delete or conversations you end, the message just keeps on appearing.

Of course, Apple have options to extend your iCloud storage, but they come at a price.

It’s not a costly expense, but have you heard that old saying? Look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves.

With these handy tips, you won’t need to buy more storage, you’ll be able to declutter your iPhone with ease.

1)     Keep your head in the iCloud.

We live in an age where pictures are everything. It may sound super cliché but pick any age group and we promise you that they’ll whip out their mobile to snap key moments in life.

Whether you’ve got a million photos of dogs on your mobile or love taking snaps of your food in a restaurant, it’s time to move them from your gallery.

We all know that you take these snaps and never look at them again, so why let them clutter up your mobile?

The iCloud Photo Library lets you create space by uploading photos to it. Don’t worry, they won’t be gone forever. You’ll be able to redownload them from iCloud at any point you choose.

iCloud settings on iPhone.
Move your extra photos over to your iCloud.

1)     Select Settings.

2)     Choose Photos and Camera.

3)     Turn on your iCloud Photo Library.

4)     Select the option of Optimise Phone Storage.

2) Wave goodbye to those unused apps.

Your iPhone came with a whole bunch of pre-installed apps that we imagine you haven’t even noticed exist.

We’re all guilty of downloading apps for a one off use and then leaving them there to fester away.

Whether that’s a random app you downloaded to get 10% off that burrito place you went to a zillion years ago or the meditation app you installed when you swore you were going to take up yoga.

Deleting these unused apps will free up a whole load of storage on your iPhone, leaving room for more important things.

1)     Tap and hold the app you want to delete.

2)     Wait for it to give you a jiggle.

3)     Tap ‘x’ on the left hand side of the icon to delete it.

3) Adios browser history!

There’s a lot of stigma around clearing your browser history – but we think it’s something that nosey people say.

We’re not saying you have anything to hide, clearing your browser history can actually save you lots of room.

If you use a browser history regularly, extra files will have built up and taken up a lot of storage on your iPhone.

The browser history settings on iPhone.
Clearing your browser history can save you a whole lot of space. 

1)     Go to Settings.

2)     Select the browser that you use most often.

3)     Tap Clear History and Website Data.

4) Time to let go of your messages.

Lot’s of us like to hoard our messages. Whether that’s to look back on the nice ones you got or to make sure we can easily access all the photos and links we’ve shared over the years.

The issue is that text conversations take up lots of room on your iPhone – especially when you’re sharing these big images and videos.

1)     Go to Settings.

2)     Select Messages.

3)     Tap on Message History.

4)     Tap Keep Messages.

5)     Select a certain length of time and your older conversations will automatically be deleted.

5) Your photos don’t all have to be perfect.

There are times when you need the resolution on your photos to be super high. Selfies, group photos, that gallery-worthy scenic shot.

That random photo of a hotdog or the back of your hair to check it’s straight does not need to be taken using High Definition Resolution.

HDR photos take up a lot of your iPhone storage. Standard Definition is sufficient enough for some snaps – we promise you.

It won’t look like you’ve taken it on a potato or an old Nokia, it will look just fine. Switch to SD for those photos that don’t really mean a lot and it’ll make a whole lot of difference.

1)     Go to Settings.

2)     Select Photos and Camera.

3)     Set the Format option to the option that takes up less space.

Make room people.

It’s vital you have room on your iPhone for those crucial moments in life. Holidays, new album releases, working from home demands and you don’t have to pay for extra space.

These 5 handy tips are easy peasy and if you integrate them into the way you use your iPhone, you’ll see results very soon.

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