Get juiced back up in no time.

There is nothing more frustrating than when your mobile dies on you. It always seems to be at the time you need it the most too.

You’re dying to make a phone call, take advantage of a picture perfect moment or pay for your shopping using Apple or Google Pay.

Nobody has the time to sit around and wait for their phone to charge, you’ve all got much more important things to be cracking on with.

There are lots of myths surrounding mobile phone charging. The idea that leaving your mobile on charge overnight will ruin your battery – rubbish.

The claim that you simply must let your mobile die from time to time then charge it to 100% again – nonsense.

We thought it was high time we shed some light on the truth about the best ways to make your mobile charge faster.

1)    Avoid your PC.

It may seem like the easy option to plug your USB cable into your PC or laptop while you work or do something a little less productive.

The issue is that charging your mobile using your PC is much slower than plugging your mobile in at the wall.

USB ports output between 1 and 2.1 amps on average – which may mean nothing to you.

In simpler terms, it’s much less than the power you’d get from a mains socket and a manufacturer-approved charger.

2)    Turn it off.

You might be tempted to sit on your mobile while it charges. Not literally sit on it, but the thought of missing any social media activity is enough to drive you crazy.

When you use your mobile while it charges, you’re making it use up more energy and are actually slowing down how quick it charges up.

If you turn off your mobile and allow it to charge freely, you’ll notice a huge difference. It may be the perfect opportunity to start that book you wanted to read!

3)    Pop it on airplane mode.

If you have far too much to do to switch off your mobile entirely, then make use of airplane mode.

Any changes you make to apps such as email or your socials will be updated as soon as you get back online.

Airplane mode isn’t quite as effective as turning it off entirely, but it’ll certainly speed things up.

4)    Go all out and heavy-duty.

There are heavy-duty charging cables out there that make charging your mobile much quicker.

Some brands label them as ‘fast chargers’ and there are lots of different options out there for both Android and iPhone devices.

Often, the big brands out there will sell them themselves. The difference between these and ordinary charging cables is again their amp output.

Switch to a ‘fast charger’ and we assure you that your mobile will be charged back up in a flash.

5)    Take it portable.

If you need to get juiced up on the go, a portable charger is a great option. This is basically a huge battery that you can carry around with you and enjoy at your own leisure.

We know we just said that USB ports have a lower amp output, but if you’re facing the issue of your mobile dying regularly, it seems the logical way to go.

Faster is more fun.

You shouldn’t have to be without your mobile, especially because it’s gone and died on you.

But sometimes it’s inevitable, they’re so great we can’t put them down!

These handy tips will make sure that if you do run low, you’ll get back up and running in no time.

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