It’s starting to heat up so keep your phone cool.

The familiar thing about the UK is that we’ll have months of rubbish weather then an absolute belter of a summer.

The hot weather is already well on its way. So while you’re out in the garden sunning it up and listening to music, it’s important to take a minute to think about your mobile phone.

While you’re out enjoying the sunshine, making the perfect Spotify playlist or on a nice summer walk, your mobile may be heating up in your pocket.

There’s no magic sun cream to coat your mobile in and you can’t exactly pop it in the pool for a cool down, so it’s important you take other precautions.

Here are our top 10 tips for keeping your phone cool this summer.

1)     Avoid the sunlight.

This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised. Our mobiles internal temperature is based on the environmental temp.

If you’re to leave your mobile in the sun, you’ll experience all sorts of problems like battery drain, a pop up warning saying it’s too hot or a complete and utter shutdown.

We’re not being dramatic here; your mobile phone simply can’t cope with the heat. Keep your mobile out of direct sunlight, whether it’s face down, under a blanket or in the pocket of your thin linen shorts.

2)     Close your unused apps.

We’re all guilty of having a hundred different apps open at once. Perhaps you’ve spent your evening switching between Facebook, Twitter, your emails and maybe WhatsApp too.

Running all of these apps at once can cause your phone to work harder which makes your mobile in turn heat up – the last thing it needs throughout this warm weather.

A screenshot of a warning message on an Android phone that says the mobile is too hot.
Closing your apps will help your mobile cool down. 

The quick fix to this couldn’t be more simple – close all of the apps you aren’t using.

3)     Fan your mobile.

Like humans, your mobile phone loves cool air. Fanning your mobile down in hot weather or blowing cold air on it will help cool off your device in no time.

4)     Avoid changes in temperature.

There’s an old myth that says you should put your mobile in the fridge when it’s overheating but we wouldn’t advise this.

Sudden and drastic changes in temperature can lead to a number of issues with your mobile’s performance.

Putting it in a cooler cupboard or shaded area is much better than popping it next to last night’s leftovers in the fridge.

5)     Keep your mobile away from other tech.

If you’re someone who keeps all of your tech in one place, this next tip is for you.

Frequently stacking your laptop and your mobile on top of one another or your work and your home mobile can run risks of overheating. In summer, it’s best to keep your technology separate.

6)     Take your mobile phone case off.

If we were outside and felt hot and bothered, we’d simply take our jackets off. If your mobile is too hot, the best thing to do is take off your case.

This will let the air vents on your mobile breathe, meaning they’ll work better and allow your mobile to cool down faster.

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We all love nothing more than a hot summer. The days are lighter and the opportunities for fun days seem to double.

The last thing that we need is for our phones to overheat – you want hot deals not a hot mobile.

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