Losing things is so last year.

It doesn’t matter how on the ball you are; things can be so easily misplaced. Sometimes we pop things down and we could swear that they disappear on their own.

If you’re fed up of turning over sofa cushions and having to walk out to the car in your slippers searching for things, Apple’s AirTags will be of interest to you.

Essentially, AirTags are like a Find My iPhone but for pretty much all of your belongings. Whether that’s your luggage, musical instruments, tools or whatever other weird and whacky items you have.

This handy guide will reveal how to set up Apple AirTag and how to use it.

What are Apple AirTags?

AirTag is a super-easy way of keeping an eye on your stuff. It’s great for those things that you’ve lost nearby as you can simply ping it to find it. Like some strange scavenger hunt, you’ll need to follow the sound of the AirTag.

Precision Finding means that your iPhone will give you a distance, explaining how far away your AirTag actually is.

You might be familiar with Lost Mode from other Apple products such as Apple Watch. AirTag can also be put in Lost Mode, so that you’ll automatically get a notification when it’s detected by a device.

If your lost item isn’t within listening distance, don’t panic. The Find My network helps you track down your AirTag.

Someone using the Find My setting on an iPhone for Air Tag.
You'll never lose anything again. 

AirTag is super clever and works by sending out a secure Bluetooth signal that will be detected by devices in Find My network.

These devices will then send the location of your AirTag to iCloud so you can view it in your Find My app.

Everything of course is super secure and your privacy is at the forefront of importance.

Getting AirTags set up.

AirTags couldn’t be easier to set up, it’s as simple as holding it near your iPhone. When you unpack your AirTags, a little pop up will appear offering you to connect to your device.

Instructions will also come up telling you how to get started. You can use the Find My app on your iPhone to locate any items with AirTags on.

You’ll even be able to set up Siri to help find your items – like your own personal assistant that won’t charge you a fortune!

Let’s get tracking.

When we take a look at the items we most commonly misplace, it seems to be your keys, wallet, purse or bags. Popping an AirTag on these items, or inside of these items will help ensure that you don’t lose them again.

You can track even the most obscure items. Say your TV remote. Although it might be a little bulky, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Perhaps there’s a lot of bike thefts in your area and you’re worried about someone stealing yours. Simply pop an AirTag under your seat and voila – you’ll be able to keep track easy peasy.

AirTags built to survive.

Some of the items you wish to track may be held outside, where it’s either freezing or, on those rare occasions, scorching.

Perhaps you’ve got it slipped into the pocket of your favourite jacket and your partner has accidently thrown it in the wash.

Apple AirTag is rated IP67 for water and dust resistance. This makes them able to handle all conditions.

When you getting yours?

Apple AirTag may sound like some futuristic tech, that you can only imagine comes with one hell of a price tag.

What we can tell you is that it actually starts from as little as £29 – with options to buy packs of multiple AirTags too.

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