What does your iPhone 12 colour pick say about you?

The new iPhone 12 series has launched and among all the fabulous features that it has thrown our way, we are utterly smitten with the wide variety of colours that it comes in.

But with so many colour beautiful options, picking just one can be an almost impossible task. So we thought we’d tell you a little bit about what each iPhone 12 colour might represent, so you can determine what sort of statement your colour choice says.

Choosing your iPhone 12 and 12 mini colour.

The iPhone 12 in all five available colours stood vertically.
Which colour is your favourite?

Let’s kick things off with the bright and beautiful iPhone 12 and the 12 mini. The cracking camera system, the unmatched display and the durable design are all packed into a device that’s available in five stunning finishes.

iPhone 12 and 12 mini users can pick from black, white, green, (PRODUCT)RED, and blue, but with all these choices, it’s hard to choose the right one for you. So, what exactly do each of these colours represent, you ask.

Back in black

The iPhone 12 in black laid horizontally.
What does black represent?

We all love the colour black, it’s famous in the fashion world for looking sleek and slimming. It’s known for being mysterious – whether that’s a spiritual thing or because all secret agents wear black, we’re unsure.

Most importantly, black means business and iPhone 12 and 12 mini are no exception to that. Black gives a stunning, classic finish that will leave users feeling like the bees knees. It's also the perfect colour for hiding those everyday scuffs and smears!

If you opt for iPhone 12 or 12 mini in black – we all know you mean business.

For the love of white

The iPhone 12 in white laid horizontally.
What does white represent?

White is known as the queen of class, and iPhone 12 or 12 mini in white is exactly that. It boasts elegance and simplicity and makes a bold statement without any effort.

The colour white offers all sorts of connotations, with many people associating heavenly vibes with it. We don’t want to be dramatic but iPhone 12 and the 12 mini in white certainly look angelic – don’t you think?

If you choose the iPhone 12 or 12 mini in white, we know you think simplicity means elegance.

Living green?

The iPhone 12 in green laid horizontally.
What does green represent?

This one’s for those of you who love living green. Green connotes with the environment and a sense of health and well-being – it represents a sense of tranquillity and growth.

The new iPhone 12 and 12 mini is made with 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets and Apple have used less plastic in its production – making the colour green perfect to represent all of these fantastic environmental changes.

If you opt for iPhone 12 or 12 mini in green – we think you’ll certainly be carrying Apple’s message of a greener future.

Heating up with red?

The iPhone 12 in red laid horizontally.
What does red represent?

iPhone 12 and 12 mini is available in PRODUCT(RED) and we think it’s a fantastic colour that suits so many users. Red is associated with all things love, from heat and passion to warmth and glow – red is the colour that boasts passion.

From now until December 31st2020, Apple is partnering with (RED) to redirect 100% of eligible proceeds from PRODUCT(RED) purchases to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response – and if that doesn’t reflect love, we don’t know what does.

If you choose iPhone 12 or 12 mini in PRODUCT(RED) we think you’re the type of person who just love’s love!

Feeling blue?

The iPhone 12 in blue laid horizontally.
What does blue represent? 

This one’s for the cool kids. Blue is the colour for those laid-back iPhone users – boasting a sense of calmness and relaxation. iPhone 12 or 12 mini in blue is perfect for those of you who love to kick back and chill out.

Opting for iPhone 12 or 12 mini in blue guarantees endless head turns as you walk by people in the street – quickly becoming the coolest kid on the block!

If you pick blue as your favourite iPhone 12 colour, we know you’re cooler than ice.

Choosing your iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max colour.

The iPhone 12 Pro in all four available finishes.
Which colour do you love the most?

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max pack some amazing features, from a new and improved advanced camera system to a display fit for every entertainment lover. Users can enjoy Apple’s fastest ever chip and 5G technology in one of four classic colours.

Stunning silver.

The iPhone 12 Pro in silver laid horizontally.
What does silver represent? 

Silver is the perfect colour for those of you who love a bit of glitz and glam. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in silver look like something taken straight from the red carpet.

Choosing iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max in silver guarantees you the look of luxury and expense while still looking classy.

If you opt for the iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max in silver – we know you’re partial to the glam.

Ground-breaking graphite.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max in graphite laid horizontally.
What does graphite represent? 

Graphite represents strength which is everything that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max stand for. With the all new ceramic shield material, giving the phones a 4x better drop performance, strength and durability is where the 12 Pro and Pro Max shine.

Why not opt for graphite and bag yourself a colour that is as strong as the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max themselves.

If you pick the iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max in graphite – we think you’re the sort of person who admires strength and durability.

Glorious gold.

The iPhone 12 Pro in gold laid horizontally.
What does gold represent?

Can you really get any better than gold? It’s rich, it’s premium, it’s tasteful and it’s luxurious. Gold is the ultimate colour to get your iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max in if you love life in the rich lane.

The 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max look and feel expensive and boast features that can only be from the future, so why not choose a colour to match?

If you decide to opt for the iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max in gold, we think you always love to have the very best.

Pacific blue.

The iPhone 12 Pro in pacific blue laid vertically.
What does pacific blue represent?

We love the colour blue, but pacific blue – that’s just different gravy all together. Pacific blue offers a twist on the traditional colour and boasts a sense of something unique.

Pacific blue give off a cool uniqueness that is exclusive to 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max users and is perfect for those of you who love something different.

If you opt for the iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max in pacific blue, we think you’re a daredevil who loves something a bit different – jazzy even!

Which will it be?

Each colour represents something different and unique and your favourites may just say something cool about you! We hope this has made your decision that little bit easier – and remember that no matter what colour you pick, you’re getting an incredible phone.