Could your Samsung Galaxy S21 colour say more about you than you think? We think it could.

Black Friday is almost here and you might have our best-selling Galaxy S21 on your mind.

Who could blame you? It's a best-seller for a reason. Packing a pro-grade triple camera, industry leading 5G tech and a display that dazzles, it has everything you could ever need from your mobile.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21 back in January, along with the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. One thing that completely blew everyone away was the colour variations available to choose from.

Each of the three phones has their own colour range and you might’ve already got your eye on one of them. We've devised a handy guide to help you on your way to choosing the right one for you.

Phantom Violet.

We thought this would be a cracking place to start. Both the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus are available in Phantom Violet, the perfect choice for those of you looking to add a splash of colour to your lives.

Opt for this gorgeous pastel colour, if you’re the type of person who prides themselves on being super-creative. This colour shows that you don’t just stick within your comfort zone; you like to branch out and enjoy being in the spotlight.

The Galaxy S21 in Phantom Violet.
Will it be the stunning Phantom Violet? 

The Phantom Violet is accompanied by a gorgeous gold frame, the same gold used to finish the camera bump. These two colours complement each other perfectly and give a bold finish, for those who love to make bold statements.

Phantom Pink.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is available in the unseen, stunning Phantom Pink and you know what they folks, pink is the new black. We think this colour will have grabbed lots of people’s attention, and for good reason too.

This colour is for those who like to be daring and keep in touch with their stylish side. We think it’s fun and warm and is perfect for those people who want something that looks fresh but is still super-vibrant.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 in Phantom Pink.
Is Phantom Pink the one for you?

The frame sticks within this theme and is tinted to be a gorgeous pink-gold hue, rather than the gold we’ve seen with Phantom Violet. For this reason, we think those of you who love this colour, may live by phrase; less is definitely more.

Phantom White.

Phantom White is one of the four available colours for the new Galaxy S21 and we think it speaks for itself. If you like to find pleasure in the simpler things, opt for this colour.

It boasts elegancy and class, perfect for those of you who like to make a statement but want to do it effortlessly. We don’t know about you, but when we think of Phantom White, we all of a sudden start seeing angels and dreamy clouds in our minds.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 in Phantom White.
Is Phantom White the one for you?

We have to say though, the S21 certainly looks angelic, so why not go for the colour to match?

Phantom Silver.

The Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra are available in dazzling Phantom Silver. If this colour has got your eyes doing that love-heart thing you see in the cartoons, we think you’re the sort of person who loves a bit of glitz and sparkle.

This colour is beyond eye-catching and is perfect for you if you’re looking to add a touch of sparkle to your life, without going completely over the top. It’ll have you feeling like a celeb walking down the red carpet – all eyes on you.

The Galaxy S21 in Phantom Silver.
Add a touch of shimmer with Phantom Silver.

We might be being every so slightly dramatic, but it’ll certainly have you turning a few heads as you walk down the street. Opt for this colour if you're a fan of the glam.

Phantom Black.

The Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra are both available in Phantom Black. We know that those of you who go for this colour mean business. Black is a world-wide favourite and is renowned for its sleek and classic qualities.

We think that this colour is perfect for those of you who are a little mysterious and love to keep people guessing. Not sure if this is us watching too many secret agent films or what, but what we do know is that Phantom Black gives a premium and expensive looking finish.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 in Phantom Black.
Keep it cool with Phantom Black.

The best bit? It’s perfect for hiding any unwanted scuffs and smears, which lets face it, are sometimes unavoidable. This will be great news for those of you with kids and will keep your phone looking fresh, even when the little ones have had their cheesy Wotsits hands on it.

Phantom Grey.

The Galaxy S21 is also available in Phantom Grey. We think there’s a sense of strength behind this colour, which reflects perfectly on the S21’s insane durability. If you’re a fan of a strong and tough looking colour, this one’s for you.

It’s a lighter shade than the Phantom Black, but not quite as loud as the Phantom Pink and Phantom Violet. It keeps things classic, with a twist. (sounding like some sort of fancy cocktail here.)

We think those of you who want a sleek finish but don’t want to play it too safe, will love the Phantom Grey.

Which colour will it be…

This handy guide should give you a bit of insight into which colour to choose this Black Friday.

After all, it's not a decision to take lightly. Contracts run for an average of 24 months, so that's two whole years you'll be living with your choice - no pressure.

We've kicked things off a little early this year and our Black Friday sale is live. You can get your hands on the incredible Galaxy S21 in the colour that tickles your fancy the most.