Did you know you can wirelessly charge other mobiles from your Samsung? Every day’s a school day.

We’re all guilty of just believing big tech companies when they call out a feature for being incredible. Half the time we just take their word for it, without really understanding what this means for us.

Reverse wireless charging is a class example of this.

Samsung call it PowerShare and make it sound so cool, so how could it be anything but? It’s the one feature that we’ve seen creeping up in the mobile world with lots of the top mobiles now supporting it.

But how much do you really know about reverse wireless charging? And do you know how to use it? Well, here’s the full scoop.

Reverse, what?

PowerShare, or Reverse wireless charging,  is a way of transferring energy between devices via electromagnetic induction.

While it sounds like something we’ve borrowed straight from a Marvel movie, we promise it’s anything but fictional.

It’s a way of turning the tables so that your phone becomes a power source that can be used to charge another wireless devices.

Whether that’s powering up another mobile, tablet, or a set or wireless headphones (yes, even headphones) – it’ll charge the lot!

Slow and steady wins the race.

While most new smartphone features are normally all about speed, it’s worth noting that this one isn’t.

We don’t love reverse wireless charging for its speed (it’s relatively slow compared to plugging into the main), we love it because its beyond practical. It’s a low-power solution that’s perfect for emergency top-ups while you’re on the go.

It’ll certainly get you extra points for popularity when you top up your friends and family , if they’re running low.

And for those classic moments when you forget to charge your headphones before the gym, you can get them juiced up en route, just by using your phone!

Different brands declare their charging the fastest, it’s just the process of healthy competition. Samsung claim that their adaptive fast charging has a peak of 18W while their super-fast charging peaks at 45W.

Their reverse wireless charging isn’t quite as fast as this. 10W is around the fastest you’ll get, which we think is pretty good for those boosts when you’re out and about.

Spreading good energy.

Reverse wireless charging is the next big thing in the mobile world and all you need to get involved is a Samsung phone that supports reverse wireless charging and a second device that supports wireless charging.

The Galaxy S21 is the latest member of the Samsung clan and boasts the very best that Samsung has to offer – including this super-cool reverse wireless charging feature. Other older members of the Samsung family, like the Note 20 series, have it too.

A demonstration of the Samsung PowerShare feature.
It's not just other phones you can charge!

With it being so popular and practical we expect many of the new phones released this year to support it too. Perfect timing for when lockdown is lifted, and you’ll be out and about having fun and taking photos of everything – you might need that emergency boost!

How to use Samsung's reverse wireless charging.

1) Swipe down with two fingers to reveal the Full Quick Panel or go to Settings.

2) Scroll down until you see Wireless PowerShare in the list.

3) Tap on Wireless PowerShare.

4) Turn over your Samsung Device so it is face down and place the device you want to charge on top of it.

5) Once you’ve charged the device be sure to turn off the Wireless PowerShare button in Settings.

Need to visualise the instructions? Here's a handy video.

Get reversing!

You don’t need to be a tech-wizard to take advantage of this top feature. There are no wires, no confusing software, just plain and simple, energy sharing vibes. All you need is a mobile that supports reverse wireless charging.

If you’re on the prowl for a new phone and fancy yourself this fancy feature, we’ve got lots of great deals on Samsung that are just waiting for you to snap them up.