You've probably heard it said before, but there really is an app for everything.

In fact, we've talked about some of our favourite apps a few times now, like our top mental health apps, our choice selection of post-holiday season apps, money-saving apps and even apps to get your health on track.

But one app we haven't talked about is the My O2 app. Why? Well, because it's so unobtrusive, straightforward and helpful, it just integrated into our lives, and we never gave it much thought.

Today we're here to sound the trumpet on My O2 though – it deserves it, as the handy little mobile management app that it is – and show off a little of what it can do to help you stay on top of your phone bill, contract, Priority perks, data and more.

Yes, it really does all that.

What is the My O2 app?

Well, it's an app. Sorry to be obvious about it, but there you go. It's available on Android or iOS, so you'll have no trouble finding it – just search My O2 in the Play Store or Apple Store and you'll have it in a matter of minutes.

Yes, but what is it for?

Unlike other apps from O2 like Priority and Airtime Rewards, it's not all about the perks – although you can access both of those apps via My O2 if you already have them downloaded.

My O2 is more about helping you stay on top of your mobile phone contract. It's there to show you everything you need to know in one place, like the cost of your latest bill, any additional charges that you might have incurred, how much data you've got left – that sort of thing.

You can also see when your next bill is due to arrive, manage and even change your existing tariff based on O2's recommendations about your data usage, and upgrade when the time comes.

Neat. Tell me more.

With the My O2 app installed on your phone, you can also enable notifications, so you'll know the instant a new bill is generated and how much you'll be paying. It's also an easy way to get in touch with O2 if you have an issue or concern, and the most straightforward way to add Bolt Ons and browse savings and deals on certain accessories and other bits of tech like tablets and smartwatches.

As we said before, you can "Boost your Experience" with access to Airtime Rewards (where you can get money off your bill just by spending as normal) and Priority (where you can get freebies and discounts on big high street brands.)