Unfolding all the juicy bits from a flippin' good event.

Samsung have delivered yet another Galaxy Unpacked event, making it their third one this year.

That's right people, three. We saw the release of the S21 Series back in January, new additions to the A Series in March, but it's the Z series that has been thrown into the limelight this month.

They hosted their Galaxy Unpacked Event on the 11th March and added two new additions to the Galaxy Z family: introducing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G.

The Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 put the double z in snazzy. The funky designs and futuristic looking features of the Z devices are renowned for turning heads and the two new additions are no exception to this.

If you missed the event, fear not. You can catch up on all the best bits in just 2 minutes - just check out the stream below.

If you want to delve deeper into all the details, we've got them all right here.

Flipping and flexing.

The Z Flip3 takes compact design to the next level and restores our faith in the flip phone.

When it’s closed up, it measures in at only 4.2-inches, meaning it’ll even fit in your tightest pair of skinny jeans.

Don’t be confused though folks, it might be mini when it’s closed up but it’s tough. Not just regular tough that you see in other smartphones, properly tough.

Its Armour Aluminium frame makes it that extra bit durable and protects it against drops that would normally send flip phones to their deaths.

When it comes to displays, you get two for the price of one. The 1.9-inch cover screen lets you check the important things, without opening up. It even lets you respond to notifications.

Someone using the Z Flip3 display.
The Z Flip3 has a display that dazzles.

Flip it open and enjoy a 6.7-inch Flex display with a silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The Dynamic AMOLED 2x resolution brings everything to life. So much so that you’ll feel like your favourite actors are walking around your living room.

Samsung have got creative with their colours on this one and delivered something good for those who like to keep it classic and a pop of colour for those who are a little more daring. Will it be black, cream, green or lavender?

The Z Flip3 in all available colours.
Which colour will you go for? 

It again boasts Samsung’s hyper-fast 5G tech and powerful 8GB of RAM. Let’s face it, this is every gamer’s dream. Let’s see how you perform without the lag and buffer…

We’ve not forgotten about the photographers of the world, and we know the camera is the main event for some people.

Enjoy a 12MP dual camera with integrated AI for those shots when the lighting isn’t co-operating. The Z Flip3 even flexes as a camera tripod so those of you with a bit of a shaky hand can still get those epic shots.

You can pre-order your Galaxy Z Flip3 today.

Unfold something special.

This mobile on first look may look like its predecessors, but we promise it’s much more than that.

It holds the title of the thinnest, most pocketable Galaxy Fold yet and it has its compact design to thank for that.

When it’s folded closed, it measures in at 6.2-inches making it the perfect go-anywhere mobile.

Pop it in your pocket or in that tiny bag that everyone said was too small to fit anything in.

Prepare yourself though as when you unfold the Z Fold3 you get a whole new mobile experience.

The 7.6-inch Infinity Flex display will have you feeling as though you’re at the cinema, without the hefty ticket prices. Hey, it’ll even stand up all by itself!

Someone holding the Z Fold3 with an open display.
The Z Fold3 will have you feeling like you've got your very own TV.

We’re not judgemental and appreciate that people like different genres. Some of you love nothing more than getting all snotty and emotional while watching a drama.

Others love to sit with that anxious pit in their stomach while they watch the latest thriller. Then of course there are the odd bunch who get a kick out of tuning into a blood-filled horror.

Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, the Galaxy Z Fold3 will show it smoother than ever.

It’s not only a treat for the eyes, it’s great for those of you who find themselves walking on the clumsier side of life.

Designed with durable materials, this mobile will withstand that everyday wear and tear.

Samsung have taken care of everything and left one little decision up to you. Will you get yours in Phantom Black, Phantom Green or Phantom Silver?

Transform moments into memories with the 12MP triple camera and experience the content you love but faster with Samsung’s hyper-fast 5G tech.

Someone holding the Z Fold3 and displaying its triple camera.
Transform moments into memories with the Z Fold3 triple camera. 

Your productivity will be through the roof too as the Z Fold3 is the first Fold mobile to be compatible with Samsung’s famous S Pen.

Take notes, doodle little pictures and navigate your way around your phone with a simple swish and flick!

The Galaxy Z Fold3 is available for pre-order now.

Samsung strike again.

Both the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 are available for pre-order now in the UK. As an extra bonus, we're even throwing in free delivery. Great mobiles deserve great perks, right?