We've got yet another leak and this one is flippin' good.

We're still counting iPhone 13 as being relatively new but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about what the next iPhone may look like.  

The iPhone 13 series delivered all-new features from redesigned aesthetics, an upgraded chip, a more advanced camera and so much more. So, we can’t help wondering how on earth Apple will be able to top this next time.

Luckily for us, and yourselves, the internet is already bursting at the seams with rumours, potential leaks, and a whole lot of speculation.

We’re not ones to gossip. Well not about things we shouldn’t, but this is definitely something worth talking about.

Apple are very secretive when it comes to their master mobile plans, so of course everything we’ve heard so far are just rumours.

So far, we've updated this article with whispers around its camera, its performance and its design.

We're back with another rumour, and this one is flippin' good. Here's everything that the internet is saying about the possibility of an iPhone fold.

Foldable iPhone leaks and rumours

The possibility of an iPhone flip, or fold depending on how you look at it, is wild on the internet. Everyone’s talking about it which means we wanted to get the scoop.

Samsung have introduced a fold and a flip device and now it seems that Apple could be joining them.

TechRadar have identified several design whispers about the rumoured device. One suggests the device will have a folding display while the other will have two screens separated by a hinge.

The latter was backed up by reputable leaker Jon Prosser. He claims that the ‘foldable iPhone’ isn’t in fact foldable, but rather has two separate displays that are joined by a hinge.

TechRadar have discovered rumours that suggest this foldable iPhone could come with Apple Pencil support and have a huge display that measures 7.3-inch or 7.6-inches across.

The prospect of a foldable iPhone is hugely exciting in itself, but we’re not entirely sure when we can expect to see it.

What we do know is that people will continue to talk about it online, and we’ll continue to gather up the best rumours and update you.

When will we see the next iPhone?

We'll get down to what you really want to know. It's all well and good hearing every little detail, but when do you get to see it?

Apple are keeping their release date card close to their chest. But, if we're following previous patterns, we join the rest of the internet in assuming it'll be in September.

Every year, Apple host a special event. iPhone 13 was unveiled in September 2021, so it makes sense for Apple to announce iPhone 14, or whatever it may be called, in September 2022.

We can't imagine Apple would make things easy for us and release the new device on the exact same dates. TechRadar however have noticed an interesting trend.

They've found that Apple tend to unveil new models on either the first or second Tuesday in September. They're then usually available for pre-order the Friday of that weak and ship the following Friday.

Again, nothing is confirmed. However, it's pretty exciting to think that iPhone 14 could be just 7 months away...

Feast your eyes.

What’s on the inside definitely counts, but in the world of mobiles, the outside is pretty important too.

John Prosser, the reputable leaker that’s featured in many of our articles, has shared some unofficial renders of what iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could look like.

These renders show an iPhone with the notch removed and a punch-hole camera replacing it.

Leaked image of iPhone 14 design.
(Image credit: Jon Prosser / RendersByIan)

This is something Apple fans have been speculating about for a while, but Prosser seems to think the 14 Pro series will finally take this approach.

We’ve seen growing concerns on the internet about what this means for the likes of Face ID, but Prosser proceeds to say that he reckons components will rest under the display.

Business in the front, party at the back. This is definitely the case with these renders.

A semi-glossy back is shown with titanium sides. If true, this would continue Apple’s reign in making iPhones that are both a delight for the eyes and super-comfortable to hold too.

There’s still a triple camera system in play on these renders, which is good news for the mobile photographers out there who’ll once again have three incredible lenses to play around with.

Prosser states that this is just in reference to the Pro models but if any of what he claims comes true, we could have more screen and a design that dazzles.

Lights, camera, action.

Our mobile cameras are a huge part of our every day. We use them to capture key moments in our lives and turn them into memories we can keep forever.

Granted, there are a few too many snaps of food and our pets, but nevertheless you need a camera that performs.

Ross Young, a leaker that TechRadar are rather fond of, have backed up the above claim that iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will pack a triple lens camera, while iPhone 14 will stick with two lenses.

While you may be thinking that this sounds an awful lot like iPhone 13, speculation surrounding what the lenses will be.

A close up of the iPhone 13 camera in pink.
How will iPhone 14's camera compare to iPhone 13's? 

Ming-Chi Kuo is another great leaker who believes the Pro models will have a 48MP main camera – a huge upgrade from the 12MP that iPhone 13 has.

This will be perfect for those point and shoot moments and will bring more clarity and detail to your photos from the get-go – providing there’s some truth to this!

A source recognised by TechRadar has claimed this whopping lens will bring 8K video recording, which if true, will revolutionise the way we capture footage on our iPhones.

TechRadar have seen a patent themselves that shows a periscope camera on the new iPhone 14. We saw this lens appear on Samsung’s S20 Ultra and we’d love nothing more than to see it make its way to Apple.

For those of you unfamiliar with a periscope camera, in short form, it’s a lens that offers an incredible optical zoom on images – without affecting any quality.

Room for more power?

More power? You ask. That’s right, you heard correctly. According to TechRadar, rumour has it that Apple’s next iPhone will be thicker than its latest predecessors.

This had lead many of our friends on the big wide web to speculate whether this means we’ll get a bigger battery – after all, there’ll be plenty of space.

But why ever could you need a bigger battery? Maybe to give you all the juice you need to enjoy the next chip instalment, which Ross Young believes will be made on a 4nm process.

Apple have released a new chip with each new iPhone, and many can’t see this changing for the next iPhone.

A 4nm process would be a huge step up in performance when compared to the 5nm used in iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

The question on everyone’s minds is regarding the storage space. We were all given the shock of our lives when iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max were announced to have up to 1TB of storage.

Rumours of 2TB of storage are circulating, which is a whopping amount of room, but we’d settle for this 1TB to be on the standard models next time too.

Keep coming back folks!

If we hear anything more, you’ll be the first to know. Like we said, we'll be updating this article every time we hear something new.

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