Stick with what you know and love.

Phones are tricky things to work out and with that many different features and techy bits and bobs, it takes some of us a while to get used to them.

After all the effort that is put into sussing them out, we imagine that some of you couldn’t think of anything worse than starting from scratch.

Of course, there are some people who’s ears prick up at the sound of the word upgrade whereas other people’s tend to close up. If you love your current mobile and want to stick with what you know, a SIM only deal is absolutely the way to go.

A SIM only deal does pretty much what it says on the tin. You get a SIM card with no new mobile, so you can just slot it right into the phone you already have. There are lots of different benefits of a SIM only plan and we thought we’d share them with you – along with our best deals of course.

Feeling flexible.

Although you pay for your SIM only plan every month, they differ to your monthly contract. The commitment phobes of the world will love how flexible these deals are. With majority of SIM only plans, you can change or even end them after just one month.

Because there’s no long term commitment, there’s usually no need for an in-depth credit check, which makes it an easier option for getting a deal sorted quickly without any fuss or stress. The most flexible you’ll have been since your year 8 PE lesson.

Savings galore.

Because you’re only paying for the SIM card and not the handset, your monthly bill is so much less. Combine this with shorter contract periods and you’re literally saving money without even realising.

You can still reap in the benefits of huge data allowances, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts, but for a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

EE, Three, Vodafone, and O2 are some of the UK’s best networks and have some incredible deals just waiting to be snapped up by you and your trusty mobile.

It’s not only top allowances that you get with a SIM only deal, you’ll also get access to all the amazing network perks.

From savings on food and travel to huge entertainment offers that’ll blow your mind – a SIM only deal has it all.

Three different SIM cards.
What are you looking for from your SIM only deal.

Our best SIM only deals.

This first deal is limitless. No, literally. Thanks to Vodafone, you can enjoy unlimited data, unlimited minutes, AND unlimited texts.

This corker of a deal also offers £90 guaranteed cashback which means you get £90 paid into your bank account 99 days after you’ve set it up.

This unlimited 5G plan guarantees you data speeds that’ll have you downloading episodes of your favourite series in an instant, enjoying higher-quality streaming and better gaming too.

With Vodafone rolling out their 5G in busy towns up and down the UK, you’ll be able to stay connected wherever you are.

The big wide web isn’t all good obviously and for these times, Vodafone have got you covered. This SIM only deal comes with a 3-month trial of Secure Net which keeps you and your family safe from viruses whenever you’re connected to their network.

Unlimited 5G data on Vodafone for £22 a month before cashback

It seems Vodafone aren’t the only ones in the unlimited game. Three are offering you unlimited 5G data, unlimited texts, and unlimited calls for just £15.50 a month after cashback. You pay a little less than the above Vodafone deal but get a little less cashback.

With this SIM only deal you get £30 cashback paid straight into your bank after 99 days. But of course, the benefits don’t stop there. With this deal you’ll again be getting top 5G technology that lets you enjoy life in the fast lane.

It seems there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel and holidays could be well underway in summer.

With this Three SIM only deal you can use your minutes, texts, and data like normal in over 70 countries – stretching from Spain to the states!

Roaming is easy with Three.

Unlimited 5G data on Three for £18 a month before cashback

This is not the only deal Three have on the card. If you’re not quite as heavy on the data as others, we’ve got plenty of deals that offer less but enough. This deal delivers 100GB of data, unlimited texts, and unlimited calls for just £15 before cashback.

With this deal you can treat yourself to a pint or two when the pubs open, curtesy of the £20 cashback. You can also take advantage of the above benefits like free roaming for when you’re off on your holibobs.

100GB data on Three for £15 a month before cashback

What will it be?

If you’re sat now gazing at your mobile with hearts in your eyes, a SIM only deal might just be the way to go. You can keep the phone you know and love and still upgrade your allowances all while saving money and enjoying network perks.

Don’t worry if these deals aren’t quite right for you. We’ve got something for everyone and have unmissable prices with perks you’ll adore.