Here's everything you may have missed from yesterday's #AppleEvent.

Yesterday marked one of the most anticipated Apple Events in years. Everyone, and we mean everyone, was eager to see how Apple could top their previous releases – and of course, they managed it.

It was a nail biting moment as we all sat at our computers and phones, waiting to see if the event would indeed confirm the rumours that had been circulating for months. Would Apple deliver us a 5G phone? Is there REALLY going to be four brand new iPhones?

The answer, to both questions, is yes. Apple announced FOUR incredible new devices, all of which come equipped with advanced 5G technology. And they’ve given us four very different iPhones – each with features that might just blow your mind.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

Someone holding an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 12 mini.
The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini.

This is the one that everyone’s been waiting for, the iPhone that was famous before it was even official. The expectations were through the roof, with Apple fans everywhere guessing what the iPhone 12 would bring us – it turns out, quite a lot.

The iPhone 12 features a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display that gives users the ultimate viewing experience. Its OLED screen brings brighter brights, darker blacks and a higher resolution. This might sound familiar to other iPhones, but here's the revolutionary difference.

A photo of the iPhone 12 stood vertically at an angle.
A screen perfect for streaming on.

Apple have introduced an all new material to ensure that the new iPhone 12 is insanely durable – intruding ceramic shield. If it sounds like something out of a Marvel movie, bear with us, we know. But it’s all legit.

Apple have manufactured it by introducing nano-ceramic crystals, harder than most metals, into glass to give us a screen that has a 4x better drop performance! Impressive, right? Apple have also ensured that this phone is resistant to scratches and everyday wear and tear!

The more you hear about this phone, the more you’ll be convinced it’s a gadget from a film. It has aerospace-grade aluminium edges and even better splash and spill resistance than other models that came before it! It’s the perfect phone for all you clumsy consumers.

Apple have given you the option to brighten up your life with a choice of five fantastic finishes: black, white, green, (PRODUCT)RED, and blue. With so many options, we don’t know how anyone will be able to pick their favourite.

A photo of all five colour options for the iPhone 12.
Which colour is your favourite?

This is what everyone’s talking about – 5G just got REAL. Apple have packed incredible 5G technology into this phone, delivering the best 5G experience possible. Although 5G on a mobile isn’t exactly big news, Apple’s 5G technology is definitely something to read about.

Their 5G isn’t just faster, it’s smarter too. When your iPhone doesn’t need 5G speeds, it will switch to using LTE to save battery life, but the minute you need those super-fast speeds, it automatically jumps back to 5G – the iPhone 12 is more than just good looking!

A photo of a girl holding the iPhone 12 landscape and looking at the screen.
Revolutionise your gaming with Apple's incredible 5G technology.

The iPhone 12 features the A14 Bionic chip, the fastest chip in a smartphone, meaning that everything you do on your phone will be done bigger, better, and faster! It actually has the same chip as the iPhone 12 Pro Max – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet!

Release your inner Ansel Adams with the iPhone 12 as it packs an impressive 12MP dual camera system, with a wide and an ultra-wide lens – both of which feature night mode! See more of the world and in light or dark with this impressive camera.

A close up of the iPhone 12 rear and front camera.
The perfect camera for those high detailed shots.

Equipped with HDR 3, the camera will balance the elements in your shots giving you clear vivid details and colours no matter where you are. Enjoy portrait mode and take your photography higher with six creative lightning effects like High‑Key Light Mono, Natural Light, and Studio Light.

A photo taken on the iPhone 12 of a man jumping from a fence.
Capture high detailed shots, wherever you are.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a movie maker, then brace yourself. The iPhone 12 lets you record 4K HDR video with Dolby Vision or if you’re famous for your selfies, enjoy taking Insta-worthy snaps even in the dark as the selfie camera comes equipped with night mode! Your nights out just got wild.

Apple have given us something that will make everyone’s life so much easier. The new MagSafe feature lets users snap on the MagSafe case, wallet or wireless charger. It’s a handy way to store all your belongings or get powered up quickly!

A photo of someone holding the iPhone 12 and demonstrating the MagSafe feature.
The new MagSafe feature is perfect for storing your belongings. 

We all want a phone that charges well and Apple have described the iPhone 12 as Turbo Chargeable. Magnets align themselves perfectly every time you need to juice up giving you faster wireless charging.

Now imagine all of the above, available in a smaller and compact model. For those of you who prefer a smaller phone, we give you the iPhone 12 mini.

This phone does everything that the iPhone 12 does but packs a 5.4-inch display and is lighter in weight. It may be mini, but it’s certainly mighty!

A photo of someone holding the iPhone 12 Mini.
The iPhone 12 mini - everything that the iPhone 12 has but in a smaller model.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple didn’t stop at the iPhone 12.They delivered not one, but two additional iPhones in the Pro category. iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max have been unleashed and we can’t believe that so much brilliance could be packed into a single mobile phone.

Both the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max sport Super Retina XDR displays, with the difference being the size. iPhone 12 Pro packs an impressive 6.1-inch display, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max sporting a whopping 6.7-inch screen – both every cinema lover’s dream.

A photo of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max laid on top of one another.
Huge screens on both of the Pros. 

Slimmer bezels and a new design with flat edges gives Apple the upper hand on presenting a display that pushes brightness, colour and contrast to the very edge – making everything you stream, or play seem like it’s unfolding before your very eyes.

Like the iPhone 12, both of these phones are infused with the new ceramic shield material – making them tougher than all the other mobiles out there. Both phones are finished with surgical-grade stainless steel, making them not only look good, but feel great in the palm of your hand.

Both phones are available in four sleek finishes: pacific blue, gold, silver, and graphite, all of which look premium, classy, and oh-so-elegant. With an IP68 water-resistance grade, the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are the perfect phones to fight against any spillages or splashes.

A photo of the iPhone 12 Pro in all four available colours.
The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max is available in four stunning finishes. 

As revealed above, Apple stated that ALL of their new devices come equipped with their powerful 5G technology, meaning users can make the most of the huge screens on the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, with lightening speeds, no buffering and no lagging – music to any gamer’s ears.

Both iPhones come equipped with a 12MP ultrawide lens that has a 120-degrees field of view – perfect for those landscape shots as well as a wide lens and a telephoto lens. The details you capture will revolutionise your photography!

The incredible triple-lens camera creates the perfect photos.

ProRaw is a new feature that the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max support which gives you all the standard RAW information along with the Apple image pipeline data – giving you a head start on your editing, meaning you’ll have social-media-ready shots in no time.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max feature an all new LiDAR Scanner which offers the ability to measure light distance and use pixel depth information of a scene. This gives users faster more realistic AR experiences and improves autofocus by a whopping 6x in low light scenes!

A photo taken on the iPhone 12 Pro camera of a man sat down.
Beautiful images - even in low light areas.

The result is top-notch, improving accuracy and reducing capture time in photos and videos. It allows for Night mode portraits and gives a low-light bokeh effect. It’s the perfect camera for getting professional looking pictures.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are the first phones to record in Dolby Vision, jumping from 8- to 10-bit HDR recording, capturing 700 million colours! Who even knew there were that many colours to catch?!

And just like the iPhone 12, you can enjoy all of the crazy camera features, day, or night with the impressive night mode feature across all lenses!

The 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max come equipped with the MagSafe feature and are both Turbo Chargeable – so you can enjoy all of these features on all four of Apple’s latest releases.

When can I pre-order iPhone 12?

You can pre-order the iPhone 12 from 16th October 2020 and be one of the very first to get your hands on it on the 23rd October. Prices start from only £799 - what an absolute steal!

When can I pre-order iPhone 12 mini?

Pre-order the iPhone 12 mini from 6th November 2020 and get it as soon as November 13th . You can enjoy all the mighty features on this smaller compact iPhone for as little as £699 - bargain!

When can I pre-order iPhone 12 Pro?

The iPhone 12 Pro is available for pre-order from 16th October 2020 and customers can enjoy it as soon as the 23rd October. With prices starting from just £999, you'll want to set an reminder for that pre-order date!

When can I pre-order iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Pre-order the iPhone 12 Pro Max from 6th November 2020 with availability starting on the 13th November. You can get this huge display and incredible features for £1099 - the countdown begins!

That’s a wrap

Apple have blown us all away with these announcements, delivering four incredible phones and once again living up to their impressive reputation. Missed the event? Check out the highlights right here.