Everyone say cheese!

Getting the perfect family photo is the top of everyone’s Christmas list – every year. No matter how hard you try, someone looks as though they’re utterly miserable, and what bit of that screams festive cheer?

The photographer taking the shot counts up to three, raising the famous argument of whether you’re taking the photo on three or after three and one subject always gets it wrong.

Pixel phones, including the latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, have a fix for this that’ll deliver picture perfect shots this Christmas.

Auto timer is here to save the day.

Google has a special feature for its Pixel phones that make getting the proper Christmas photo easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy!

Auto timer will analyse the entire of your group and wait until it picks up everyone’s smiling, beaming faces. It’ll then snap your photo automatically, meaning there’s no need to rely on a timer.

A photo of a couple smiling taken on the Pixel 6.
Get the perfect selfies, every time. 

Taking your photos on timer is even more of an impossible task than getting everyone to smile at the right time. You’re running backwards and forwards and rushing to try and get into the perfect pose, so this feature is iconic.

It’s worth noting that this feature will only work on your Pixel’s front camera. Luckily for you, the Pixel 6 boasts an incredible 8MP selfie cam, and the Pixel 6 Pro an 11.1MP.

So, here are 5 easy steps you can follow to make the most of auto timer.

1) Ensure you’re using the Pixel 3 model or later.

2) Open up the Camera app and switch to the front camera.

3) Select the down arrow at the top of the display.

4) Press the button with an A in it.

5) Tap the shutter button.

Your Pixel will now automatically take your photo when everyone’s looking and smiling. Now, for those of you on the ball, you may have noticed a minor flaw here.

If your entire group is already smiling while you’re setting up auto timer, your Pixel will snap the shot without you being there.

Fixing this is simple. Make sure you tell your group to look as miserable as possible until you can all say cheese and smile at the same time!

What auto timer doesn’t do is pick up when people are blinking. You may end up with a blinker in your shot, which can be worse than someone looking rather upset.

The great thing about auto timer is that it’ll take photos every couple of seconds, so your chances of getting a good one increase dramatically.

Go Pixel, go!

Naturally to get in on all the auto timer fun this Christmas, you’re going to need a Pixel device. The good news? You’re in the right place.

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