We don't like to brag, but sometimes our deals are kind of unbelievable. That is, so good that you 100% convince yourself it's a mistake before clicking through and finding out it's actually real.

This isn't all abstract speculation by the way – this month, our January Sale has seen mobile contract prices drop so low they're better than our Black Friday deals in 2022, which is pretty darn impressive. And the most phenomenal deal of all is on iPhone 11 Refurbished.

So, is your whistle adequately whet? Good.

What's the deal?

For the first time ever, iPhone 11 Refurbished can be snapped up on Three with £0 upfront for only £19 a month. That's less than I spend on coffee (though it's an unfair comparison since coffee is expensive these days.)

But the point is, £19 a month puts a whopping £109.99 back in your pocket, as the saving versus the non-sale price.

It's a 24-month contract, with unlimited call time, texts and a massive 100GB of data – which is more than most iPhone users need day-to-day, even when you consider how much you might need to stream TikTok and Reels when you're out and about.

Is iPhone 11 Refurbished any good?

Course it is. In fact, it's one of the bestselling mobile phones of all time.

Featuring a smart Liquid Retina display, 4K video recording and some of the most advanced camera features Apple has to offer, it's beloved around the world for good reason – and it continues to pop up in monthly top-seller lists too.

What do you mean by "Refurbished"?

Pretty much what we say, in the best possible way.

Refurbished iPhones go through tons of rigorous checks and tests so we can make sure they're of the best possible quality. They come with a 12-month warranty (just like new iPhones do), and we also offer the same 14-day returns policy, in case you run into trouble.

What if I'd prefer a new device?

We don't disappoint when it comes to new phones, either, since we've got brand-spanking new iPhone 11 models available at prices that are still unbelievably low. In fact, in our January Sale, we've got offers from £22 a month (also on Three) with unlimited data.

All our iPhones are on great deals, actually. You can even get an iPhone 14 for just £39 a month, which quite frankly might be the most ridiculously low price we've ever offered.

Okay, is there a catch?

Nope. Just remember that these are January Sale deals, so you've got to catch them fast. All of these fantastic offers will be over and done with at midnight on January 31st when they'll turn back into pumpkins.

And pumpkins are considerably less useful to watch YouTube or call your mum on.

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