It’s almost Black Friday, and we all know what that means – the biggest savings of the year are here, and we’re here to share the best of them.

Since we’re not big on gatekeeping our awesome offers, we’ll have deals on handsets from your favourite brands and more in the build-up to the big day, as well as showcasing our top value bargains on Black Friday itself.

So, whether you want to get in on the Google hype, fancy yourself a new Apple device or prefer to go strong with a Samsung, we’ve got something for you. And if you’re not sure? No problem, we’ve thrown in a few of our customer favourites and great value deals (or do we mean steals?) to help you narrow it down a bit.

Take a bite of the Apple.

There’s a reason the world loves Apple – and holding an iPhone in your hand is evidence enough that this powerful, sleek brand of handset is hard not to love. That’s why we’ve got three brilliant deals available on the latest and most popular iPhones – but don’t stop here, there’s more to come across the rest of the month (and site.) 

iPhone 15

If you want the very latest from Apple, what better time of year to pick up a brand-new iPhone 15, eh? Packing a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display, an advanced 48MP + 12MP dual camera system and the brilliantly powerful A16 Bionic chipset, what’s not to love?

If that sounds like exactly what you’re after, you’re in luck – we’ve got some brilliant Black Friday deals ready and waiting, like this Three offer:

iPhone 15 with 100GB data on Three for £43/month and £0 upfront.

iPhone 14

Not sure about buying the newest model? Well, we can vouch for the awesomeness of the next best thing, which is, of course, iPhone 14. Not too different from the latest device, iPhone 15 also features a 6.1-inch display with Super Retina XDR tech, and a smart 12MP + 12MP dual camera setup guaranteed to help you nail the shot. The A15 Bionic chip supports you with premium processing power on the go – and even better, we’ve got phenomenal offers on this device.

iPhone 14 with 100GB data on Three for £36/month and £0 upfront.

iPhone 14 with 450GB data on O2 for £38/month and £0 upfront.

iPhone 12

This one’s a big favourite with customers – and for good reason. At 6.1-inches it’s perfectly sized and packs Apple’s Super Retina XDR display tech alongside the clever A14 Bionic chipset and a dual 12MP + 12MP camera combo. And because this phone is still going strong a few years after its release, the bargains on this baby are unmissable. Seriously.

iPhone 12 with 100GB data on Three for £26/month and £0 upfront.

iPhone 12 with 200GB data on O2 for £27/month and £0 upfront.

Go big on Google.

We already know that Google go all out when it comes to camera tech, and the all-new Pixel 8 family has seriously impressed us in 2023 so far. And now’s the perfect time to grab a Google bargain and level up your photography and videography with the coolest camera software around.

Pixel 8 Pro

Would we go so far as to say this is one of the best phones ever released for cool camera tech and features? Maybe, yeah… because everything about the Pixel 8 Pro is incredibly, well, pro. From the triple 50MP + 48MP + 48MP camera setup on board to the 6.7" LTPO OLED display and Google’s very own Tensor G3 chipset (which, incidentally, has been perfectly designed to support the fantastic camera software on board.)

So, if you want to go all out on photography for Black Friday, this might be the one for you.

Pixel 8 Pro with 500GB data on O2 for £47/month and £0 upfront.

Pixel 8 Pro with Unlimited data on O2 for £49/month and £0 upfront.

Pixel 8

For something a little less camera-heavy (but still terrific, it has to be said) then the Pixel 8 is likely to be right up your alley. A slightly smaller but just as cool device from Google, the Pixel 8 packs a hefty punch all by itself, including a 6.2-inch FHD+ OLED display, dual 50MP + 12MP camera (with 4K video, of course) and the latest Google Tensor G3 silicone to power the lot.

And did we mention we’ve got some awesome Black Friday offers on this beauty?

Pixel 8 with 300GB data on O2 for £33/month and £0 upfront.

Pixel 8 with 100GB data on Vodafone for £33/month and £0 upfront.

Save on a sleek Samsung.

Samsung have stuck around through it all, and that says a lot about their ability to produce phones that look great and perform even better. It’s also why so many customers buy Samsung again and again. So, this Black Friday, why not nab yourself a bargain on the latest and greatest tech that Samsung has to offer, from premium to flippin’ marvellous.

Galaxy S23

Setting the standard for years now, Samsung continue to win out in the popularity contests when it comes to Android devices – and we get it, we really do. Every year the latest release in the Galaxy S range outdoes itself, going above and beyond to deliver, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 is no different.

Simply put, a triple 12MP + 50MP + 10MP camera, 6.1-inch Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display and top-notch Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset make for a fantastic combo – and it’s even better on Black Friday when the deals roll in.

Galaxy S23 with 300GB data on O2 for £36/month and £0 upfront.

Galaxy S23 with 450GB data on O2 for £37/month and £0 upfront.

Galaxy Z Flip5

Whether you think it’s a gimmick or they’re here to stay, we absolutely love a flip phone, and the Galaxy Z Flip5 is the best of the best when it comes to folding devices. Pocket-friendly at just 3.4 inches when folded, this little beauty opens up to a full-sized 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, and it delivers across every pixel. The dual 12MP + 12MP camera is ideal for snapping and selfies alike, thanks to the phone’s clever tripod-like design, and with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 silicone crammed inside, you’ll see the results of those shots shining bright.

So, if you’re sold on all the fun of a flip phone, we’ve got some great deals up our sleeves.

Galaxy Z Flip5 with 450GB data on O2 for £39/month and £0 upfront.

Galaxy Z Flip5 with 100GB data on Three for £37/month and £0 upfront.

Our ultimate Black Friday bargains.

The importance of getting a good deal on Black Friday feels closer than ever as we all continue to tighten the purse strings and hold on tight to our money. That’s why we’ve pulled together a selection of the best value options to browse from your favourite brands – and kept our choices to under £30 a month, to boot.

Apple iPhone SE

Small but mighty doesn’t even begin to cover it with this little pocket rocket – and it’s a customer favourite for good reason. With a Retina HD display of just 4.7 inches, this is a tiny device in comparison to some smartphones, but iPhone SE still holds its own thanks to 5G connectivity, a capable battery and a smart solo 12MP camera lens.

Sold on this mini marvel? Good, cos we’ve got great deals going on.

iPhone SE with 100GB data on O2 for £23/month and £9 upfront.

Google Pixel 7a

If Android’s more your thing, then you can’t go wrong with the budget-friendly Pixel 7a and all that comes with it – like a 6.1-inch FHD+ OLED display, dual 64MP + 13MP camera combo and the Google Tensor G2 chipset working hard behind the scenes to make this phone one of the best Android devices of 2022. Yes, we said it.

If you’re feeling ready for a ride with the Pixel 7a, Black Friday’s the time to hop on board!

Pixel 7a with 100GB data on O2 for £23/month and £0 upfront.

Pixel 7a with 52GB data on Vodafone for £23/month and £0 upfront.

Samsung Galaxy A54

How do you feel about a big screen for a low cost? That’s what you get with a sweet deal on the Samsung Galaxy A54. As a budget option, it’s already a phone that performs brilliantly – packing a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, triple 50MP + 12MP + 5MP camera system and hard-working Exynos 1380 chipset. Throw into the mix our best Black Friday offers, and you’ll be laughing.

Galaxy A54 with 100GB data on O2 for £23/month and £0 upfront.

Galaxy A54 with 40GB data on O2 for £21/month and £0 upfront.

Fancy a freebie while you’re here?

We’ve still got a couple of tricks up our sleeves to make the most of Black Friday – and that means opting for handsets that happen to come with awesome free gifts. Here's one to consider before you buy.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

No, we’re not going to sing the praises of this device yet again – although our singing voices are all warmed up, let’s face it, we all know how to scroll up, right?

But did you know that as well as this truly fabulous photo-friendly phone, you can get a freebie alongside it? For a limited time of course.

From Thursday 23rd of November, you can claim an amazing Fitbit Charge 6 (worth £139.99) alongside your shiny new device. So, keep an eye out, and maybe try one of these deals, yeah?

Pixel 8 Pro with 500GB data on O2 for £44/month and £79 upfront.

Pixel 8 Pro with 500GB data on O2 for £46/month and £39 upfront.