Have you ever tried to snap that perfect group photo, but someone always ends up blinking or looking away? Yep, we've all been there.

Whether it’s a family reunion or a night out with friends, group photos can be a nightmare to coordinate.

But guess what? Google has heard our collective sighs and rolled out a game-changing feature called "Best Take" that might just be the hero we need.

What is Best Take?

Instead of taking a single snap and praying everyone looks good, Google’s “Best Take” steps in as your digital fairy godmother. How does it work? You ask. Well, it’s all about the magic of AI.

This nifty feature takes multiple shots and then combines the best elements of each photo to create the perfect picture where everyone looks their best.

No more “Oops, I blinked” or “Ugh, I wasn’t ready!” moments. You get to create a composite image where everyone looks their best.

Gone are the days of forcing everyone to retake the photo 17 times. With Best Take, you can capture the moment as it happens and fix any mishaps later.

How to use Best Take.

Using Best Take on Google Pixel is super simple. Here’s a quick guide:

Enable Best Take: Open your Google Camera app and navigate to the settings. Look for the “Best Take” option and make sure it’s toggled on.

Snap Away: Gather your friends, family, or furry pals and take your group photo as you normally would.

Edit: Once you’re done, head to your photo gallery and select your photo. Tap on the “Best Take” option. The app will automatically analyse and suggest the best expressions. You can tweak it by selecting different frames for each person.

Save and Share: Happy with the result? Hit save and voilà. You now have a perfect photo ready to be shared on Instagram, Snapchat, or anywhere else you love to post.

Google’s Best Take is a fantastic tool for anyone who loves taking photos but hates the hassle of coordinating perfect shots.

It’s fun, easy to use, and ensures everyone looks their best. Whether you’re capturing memories at a big event or just snapping some fun pics with friends, Best Take has got your back.