It always feels like a bit of a special occasion when Google releases a shiny new handset – and it wouldn't be a special occasion without a gift, now, would it?

Yup, they've done it again with the Pixel 7a. Not only is there a stunning new mobile to get your hands on, but you can also nab a seriously good freebie while you're at it – and since this is Google we're talking about, it's a pretty nifty little gift.

With the brand spanking new Google Pixel 7a, you can grab a treat of epic proportions (although they're actually rather small) and claim a fantastic pair of Pixel Buds A-Series, for free. So, you can enjoy playing with your new phone alongside seriously crisp sound – perfect for those hot summer days chilling in the sunshine with your tunes. Provided the British weather plays along, that is.

What’s the deal?

As ever, we don't want to overcomplicate things, so getting your mitts on your freebie is nice and straightforward.

After you've ordered your lovely Pixel 7a, you'll need to be patient. Not for long, because luckily for you, we offer free next-day delivery. So as soon as your mobile turns up, you can get started and stick your claim in online through the promotional site – which you'll find a link to in your email after purchase. See? We're making it easy.

Provided you place your order between the 10th of May 2023 and the 22nd of May 2023, you'll have no problem – just hang on to your Proof of Purchase, as you'll need that when you submit your claim.

How good are the Pixel Buds A-Series?

Oh, they're good – this is Google we're talking about, after all.

Everything about the Pixel Buds A-Series has been designed to work with you and the way you move – so they're comfy, hands-free and provide super rich sound (which is music to our ears!)

What's the sound like?

Oh-so-sharp doesn't even cover it – and they're smart, too. More than just any old headphones, the Pixel Buds A-Series use custom-designed speaker drivers to make sure every tune has the perfect levels of powerful bass and some seriously crisp highs.

And when we say smart, we mean it. They're designed using Adaptive Sound technology so the volume will adjust depending on your environment, according to how loud or noisy it is where you are.

The mics are smart too, using beamforming technology to make sure the person you're calling will always hear you clearly, no matter what.

How comfortable are they?

Do you really need to ask? Google have designed the Pixel Buds A-Series to fit flush in your ear and come with three eartip sizes based on scans of literally thousands of ears – so they're guaranteed to fit just about anyone comfortably (and look good while they're at it.)

There's also a clever little stabiliser arc that keeps your earbuds in place and sealed for a better sound experience – even when you're out in the rain or working hard at the gym.

What's the battery like?

Brilliant, actually. From a single charge, you can get up to 5 hours of listening time, or around 2.5 hours of chat time, and that's without considering the charging case.

With the case handy, you can listen for up to 24 hours before you'll need to charge up again, so you can boogie to your heart's content without running out of juice.

Can't really argue with that, then. How long is this brilliant offer available for?

You can grab a free pair of Pixel Buds A-Series when you buy a shiny new Pixel 7a between now and the 22nd of May 2023 and claim online from 14 to 45 days after your purchase. You'll have your little summer treat in your hands in no time!