Two new devices and a huge performance upgrade? Thanks Google.

The launch of the Google Pixel 6 was one of the most anticipated events in a long time and we have to say, it was certainly worth the wait.

Not only did Google showcase two new Pixel devices, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, they also unveiled their all-new, custom-made Google Tensor Chip.

Tensor is the first chip made by Google, specifically for Pixel. This makes the two new devices more unique than any Pixel that came before them.

Missed the event? Don’t worry. We’ve brought you a handy recap on everything that Google delivered, including a tell-all on just how good this new chip is, as well as a video to re-watch the event if you’re just that keen.

Google Pixel 6 - fastest, smartest Pixel yet.

Design and display.

The Pixel 6 seriously changes the game for Pixel mobiles. It’s not all about looks, but if it was, this mobile certainly wouldn’t struggle.

With a complete redesign that we’ve never seen before, the Pixel 6 is flawless. The sleek, tactile alloy frame makes it an absolute dream to hold while the all-new colours compliment it beautifully.

We’re loving the names of the new colours: Stormy Black, Sorta Seafoam and Kinda Coral. We don’t know about you but we’re reading them with a sort of Yorkshire twang – or should we say sorta

Stormy Black is classic and sleek looking. Sorta Seafoam is a nice shade of green, not too in your face, but the perfect pop of colour.

Kinda Coral is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a coral colour on the top of the camera bar and a kind of coral colour on the rest of the device.

Not only does it look and feel good, it’s designed to withstand whatever your day throw at it. With an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, you’ve got that extra layer of protection.

This durability is continued across the stunning 6.4-inch Smooth display. Designed with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, the toughest glass in any smartphone, you can enjoy up to 2x better scratch resistance.

The Google Pixel 6 display.
The Pixel 6 has a display as beautiful as it is durable. 

This means you’ll get a display that gives the best view of your favourite films and games and be able to worry less about damaging it in the process.


We all know what Pixel are really popular for – it’s their epic cameras. And this one comes with all-new advancements that make your shots better than ever.

How could they possibly get better than before? You ask. The Pixel 6 boasts two lenses, but we’ll kick things off with the biggest.

The whopping 50MP wide lens captures 150% more light than the Pixel 5, bringing a new level of brightness to every photo you capture.

The 12MP ultra-wide lens is the one to switch to for those big group shots – you’ll never have to crop anyone out again.

Throw in 4K video recording and an 8MP front camera, and you’ve got everything you need from a camera.


Performance wise, Pixel 6 takes it up a notch. There’s of course the new Google Tensor Chip. This alone is reason enough to try out the new Pixel today.

It’s the first chip to be custom-made by Google, just for Pixel. It boasts intelligent machine learning, which improves the way you translate message and videos – all without the need for internet.

It also enhances your camera’s best features courtesy of the custom image processor. You’ll be able to snap shots and have people viewing them as though they were there in the moment.

But of course, Google didn’t think that was enough. The Tensor Chip offers an increase in performance of up to 80% faster. It’ll even save your battery for the times you need it the most.

Pair it with the new Titan M2 security chip and you’ve got a chip that’s fast, smart and secure.

Google have also thrown in super-fast 5G, 8GB of RAM and a huge 4613mAh battery – which is great news for entertainment lovers.

The Pixel 6 is available now and we’ve got incredible deals on all four major UK networks.

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Google Pixel 6 Pro – A phone designed for you.

For those of you who want more from their phone, Google Pixel 6 Pro is the perfect option. It boasts some of the same features you love about the Pixel 6, but on a bigger scale.

Design and display.

You’ll be able to enjoy the same durable design, with the IP68 rating and the tough Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.

The key difference here is the colour variations available to you. You can get yours in the Stormy Black we discovered with the Pixel 6 as well as Sorta Sunny and Cloudy White.

The Google Pixel Pro in Sorta Sunny.
Sorta Sunny is sure to add a nice glow to your life. 

Sorta Sunny is a gorgeous shade of yellow that has us longing for those warm summer days and Cloudy White is something different – but fun!

The Pro model brings an increase in display size and measures in at a whopping 6.71-inch. With an increase refresh rate of 120Hz, your scrolling, browsing and gaming will silky smooth.


The Pro model is the one for those wanting to push their mobile photography. With the Pixel 6 Pro, you get three lenses. That’s right – three!

The huge 50MP wide lens is still there and comes equipped with OIS (optical image stabilisation) which means that even with shaky hands, your photos are still picture perfect.

For the finer details, the 48MP telephoto lens will allow you to get closer to your photo subjects courtesy of 4x optical zoom.

Then there’s the trusty ultra-wide lens that gets more of a scene in your shot and makes those group snaps easy peasy.

With fancy features like Magic Eraser and Face Unblur, you’ll be able to eliminate unwanted objects, those annoying photobombers and bring your favourite faces into the limelight.

A close-up of the Pixel camera.
What will you take a snap of first? 

Like the Pixel 6, you can enjoy 4K video recording and transform the way you capture moments. Plus, with an 11.1MP front camera, you’ll have selfies that are social-media ready in no time.


When it comes to performance, the Pixel 6 Pro has the incredible Tensor Chip, super-fast 5G and one hell of a battery.

Enjoy your Pixel 6 Pro all day long with the 5003mAh battery and if you do run a little low, get from 0%-50% in as little as 30 minutes.

With up to 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM, you’ve got all the tools you need to stream, game, and snap a zillion photos. What more could you want?

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Thanks Google.

Google have really spoiled us with this launch and we for one can’t wait to get our hands on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Both devices are available for pre-order now and you’ll be able to get your hands on them from 28th October.