Google search just got an upgrade.

When we talk about MUM it’s worth noting we’re referring to Google’s new Multitask Unified Model, not some cute little old lady who bakes and knits.

During the Google IO 2021 keynote, a whole bunch of updates to their Search feature were revealed and they’re set to make things so much easier for you.

A lot of these updates are driven by MUM and allow for enhancements in AI and multitasking.

The biggest updates worth talking about are the ones brought to the translate filter on Google’s Lens camera app and the expansion of Google’s AR.

Are you ready to explore just how many languages you know? Fancy training with the best athletes in the world? Here’s the full scoop.

Hola, bonjour, ciao.

If you’re sat thinking that as far as new languages go, you’re pretty much stumped after, dos cervezas por favor, fear not.

As the world begins opening up again, the chance to finally take yourself off abroad for some vitamin D becomes more likely.

If you’re dreading the language barriers in supermarkets or restaurants, this update to the translate filter on Google’s Lens camera app is perfect.

Don’t worry if you’ve not got a clue what it is we’re talking about, although it’s a handy feature, it’s not very well-known.

This Lens lets you point your mobile camera at text written in another language and have it translated on-screen.

The Google Lens translate feature in action.
Life abroad is about to be a whole lot easier.

The new update includes a number of features that make this experience even more useful. Once you’ve scanned and translated your text, you’ll be able to search for things that relate to your translation.

This lets you get a faster understanding of what it is that you’re searching for. With over 100 languages, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Spain, France, Italy or Russia, you can finally break down those language barriers.

If it’s your pronunciation that you’re struggling with and can’t quite get your Spanish to sound less Yorkshire-like, there’s an update for you too. The translate filter can now read out your translation, helping discover when to roll your R’s!

The last update to the translate app is the ability to copy and paste your translations. This gives you the option to send it to your nearest and dearest which brings lots of perks for studying, holidays and more.

These updates are available on Android devices, via the Google app, and will arrive to iOS devices later in the year.

AR and athletes.

Augmented reality is the future. There was a time when it seemed so futuristic that we didn’t think it’d be readily available to us all.

This Google update will expand its AR search to include athletes, but not just random people, well-known athletes from all around the world.

From this, users can experience a visual representation of real-life athletes performing their chosen sports and learn from them from the comfort of their own back garden.

Train with pro athletes from around the world. 

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to conduct the perfect cartwheel or fancy improving your football skills, these AR updates will let you learn from the best.

Google already has a long list of athletes signed up, ready and waiting. Android and iOS users can get in on the fun right now by using the Google app.

Thanks Google.

These updates have come at the perfect time. With some light at the end of this very dark Coronavirus tunnel, you might be wanting to get fit for summer or finally planning your first trip away.

Translating phrases and working on pronunciation is a piece of cake, making your life easier wherever you choose to travel. For the fitness side of things, what better way to learn a sport than by training with the pro’s in your own back garden?

Looking for a mobile to enjoy all of this on? You’re in luck. Heat up your summer with one of these sizzlin’ deals and get your sweat on. Adios, addio, au revoir!