Keep your secret snaps, well, a secret.

We’re not here to judge and know that everyone’s photography preferences, shall we say, are different. Whether it’s photos of a loved ones birthday present, snaps of you wearing your wives clothes at last year’s Christmas party or shots simply meant for your eyes only.

Apple have respected your privacy and devised a handy way of keeping these photographs hidden. This isn’t new information, and this feature has actually been around for some time. However, iOS 14 brought a new update that makes it so much more fun.

Previously, any photos you chose to hide, would be transferred into an album called ‘Hidden Album’ – very creative indeed. The problem was, you could see this album, it wasn’t very hidden at all.

The new update lets you take things one step further and hide the album itself. You’ll be able to keep all of your secret snaps away from prying eyes and it’s super-easy to do.

Hide and seek.

This is the easiest game of hide and seek you’ll ever play. Here’s how it works.

1)     Select the photo you want to hide and press Share.

2)     When the sharing options appear, tap Hide.

3)     You’ll be notified that the photo can be found in your Hidden Album.

A step-by-step to hiding your photos on iPhone.
Your photo will be transferred to your Hidden Album.

4)     If you want to remove this album so it’s out of sight in the Photos app, head to Settings.

5)     Go to Photos and scroll down to Hidden Album and turn this off.

Your hidden album will now have vanished from the Photos app all together, meaning you can keep your secrets safe. If you do want to view your album at any time, simply go back to Photos in your Settings and tap the Hidden Album toggle.

A screenshot of the photo settings on iPhone.
You can even hide your hidden album!

This will make your Hidden Album visible in your photos app again, but just remember to turn it off when you’re done!

This is a huge upgrade to what Apple were previously offering, which lets face it was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

This doesn’t stop people wanting more. As this feature becomes more apparent, it puts you at risk of having your secrets spilled. Anyone who knows about this can simply go on your iPhone, visit settings, and reveal the album themselves.

As always with Apple fans, they’re eagerly awaiting something more reassuring from future iOS updates. We don’t have any information on that just yet, but what people are suggesting is a more secure way to lock the hidden album.

The way that makes the most sense is Touch ID or Face ID, which will guarantee that only the creator of the hidden album will have to key to getting in. Maybe Apple are listening, and enough people shout about it, they’ll have something good in store for the next update…

Your secrets are safe with Apple.

With the recent Government announcement, it seems that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and the possibility of an epic summer is growing. You’ll want to get lots of snaps to remember it.

It might’ve been months since you’ve been under the influence so your videos may not be fit to be seen by others… Luckily for you, Apple are renowned for their incredible camera systems and when you pair this with the hidden album feature, you’ve got a perfect phone for those embarrassing moments.

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