Enjoy iPhone shortcuts that'll have you feeling like James Bond.

Who doesn't love a good shortcut? Especially when the shortcuts are disguised as secret codes that'll have your secret agent senses tingling.

Your iPhone has a number of hidden codes that make it easier to perform certain tasks - James Bond style.

All you need is your iPhone keypad and a series of numbers that've never been revealed until now...

Ok, we're being slightly dramatic. They've always been there but chances are you didn't know about them, until now.

We've delved deep into iPhone to discover 5 of the most useful and unique and we're letting you into our inner circle and revealing all.

It's worth noting that many of these codes are carrier-specific (not quite so James Bond) but once you get the hang of them, they'll prove to be super-useful in your every day.

1) We're bringing prank calls back.

We're not condoning prank calling people by any means, but if you did want to hide your caller ID, it's possible.

Maybe you want to check if your mother is dodging everyone's calls or just yours or perhaps your other half kept you up all night snoring and you want some payback in the form of convincing them they've won thousands of pounds on the radio.

Whatever it is, there's a code you can use on your iPhone to bring anonymous calls back into the present. Here's how.

1) Open up the phone app on your iPhone.

2)Add *67 in front of the phone number you're making the call to.

3) Press call.

This will hide your caller ID so the recipient can't see it's you who's calling. If this code doesn't work for you, try putting #31# in front of the number instead.

2) Block your outgoing calls.

If you're lending your iPhone to someone, you may be worried about those jokers who make calls to your partner or your parents in a bid to wind you up or get you in trouble.

It sounds silly, but let's face it, it happens. There's a way you can block outgoing calls so that whoever has your iPhone is unable to ring anyone at all.

1) Open up your iPhone's phone app.

2) Dial *33* followed by a four digit code. (Try to make it something easier than 1234).

3) This PIN will ensure no outgoing calls can be made.

If you're always 'butt dialling' people, the action of sitting on your phone and calling someone, this is a handy code to apply too.

To disable the feature, again dial *33* and type in your recently created 4 digit PIN.

3) How's my signal?

There's nothing worse than when those three little dots appear at the top of your iPhone where your 4G is supposed to be sat.

What's even worse is when your iPhone is showing it has full signal, but nothing is loading or working for you.

That's when you need a handy signal test to determine what's going on. It's worth noting that this is only applicable to older iPhones, so if you're rocking an iPhone 12 or later - this won't work.

1) Open your iPhone's phone app.

2) Dial *3001#12345#*.

3) This will pull up the field test menu. Click the menu icon to the right and scroll down to LTE.

4) Choose Serving Cell Meas.

5) Check the numbers next to rsrpo and rsrp1. The closer the number is to 0, the better your connection is. The further away the number is to 0, the worse your signal is.

You'll finally be able to find out once and for all what is going on with your signal strength.

4) What's my iPhone's IMEI again?

For those of you not sure what IMEI is, it's a unique number that can be used to identify your exact device.

Someone checking their IMEI number on their iPhone.
Checking your IMEI number has never been easier. 

This is perfect if your mobile has been reported as stolen and is a way of getting it back to you.

It's very important you keep this number to yourself and don't give it out when people ask, but the question is, where do you find yours?

1) Open up your iPhone's phone app.

2) Dial *#06# into your call pad.

3) A Device Info page will appear and your IMEI will be the second number listed.

This is a handy hack to know for those just in case matters.

5) Say hello to call waiting.

If you're already on a call and someone else rings you, there's a way to ensure that these calls don't go straight to voicemail.

This way you can decide which calls you want to answer. If you're on a call with your mother-in-law that's been going on for 40 minutes and suddenly your friend calls, it gives you the perfect cop out.

1) Open your iPhone's phone app.

2) Dial *43# to enable call waiting.

This code lets you easily decide which calls you want to take - trust us, it could come in handy!

Welcome to the secret code club.

Or welcome to the club with a name a little better than that... These handy codes are a cool way of navigating around your iPhone and make it easier to discover things that you didn't know before.

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