Cyber Monday is here for one day and one day only.

Amid all the Black Friday buzz, we don't want you to forget about one very important day.

Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to epic discounts on your favourite bits of technology.

It falls on Monday 29th November this year and of course we're taking part. For one day only, you can bag yourself the best from Apple, Samsung and more at a price that'll have you grinning from ear to ear.

We thought our customers would appreciate a few tips on how to make the most of our Cyber Monday sale, so here are a few words of wisdom that will help make sure you’re ready to bag yourself a fantastic mobile deal.

Check us out on social media.

Now, when it comes to sharing things on social media you could call us show-offs. We absolutely love sharing our great deals on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so everyone can see them and enjoy them.

A screenshot of the Buy Mobiles Twitter account.
Our social media pages are the best places to get updates about Cyber Monday. 

When we aren’t boasting about our great offers and prices, we’re sharing updates about important dates to have in your calendar – and Cyber Monday is a great example of this.

You can follow our social media pages and get all the great updates with ease.

Visit our website.

Our website is currently in a Black Friday takeover and our pages are already oozing with great deals. That being said, Cyber Monday is on its way, and we can’t wait.

If you’re wanting to bag yourself the best mobile phone deal this Cyber Monday, you’ll want to make sure you tune into our website. You won’t have to go looking for the deals, they’ll be ready and waiting for you to come and snap them up.

A screenshot of the Buy Mobiles website.
Our website will keep you up to date on all our Cyber Monday deals. 

If you’ve already got a mobile in mind, then you can simply search it in the search bar on our website and any Cyber Monday deals will appear in the list of plans – your shopping just got a whole lot easier!

Sign up to get our awesome emails.

In the footer of our website you can enter your email and receive emails directly to your inbox. If you want exclusive updates and insider intel, you’ll want to make sure you’re signed up.

We send out our very best deals to those on our mailing list, so you’ll be the first to hear about any unmissable prices as well as any new releases that are upcoming or just out.

You can opt out at any time – but we can’t imagine you’ll want to when the deals start rolling in.

A screenshot of the footer on the Buy Mobiles website.
You can sign up to receive emails about our Cyber Monday deals. 

Get on your comfies, kick back and relax.

The best bit about our Cyber Monday sale is that you don’t have to leave your little bubble. There’s no need to get dressed, tackle the outrageous queues, the battles, or the shocking weather that the UK throws our way.

You can make yourself a cup of tea, kick back and relax while we take care of you and give you a mobile deal that’s certain to put a smile on your face.

Everything is online and even better, we offer free next-day delivery meaning your phone will be delivered straight to your door.

It’ll be a Monday like no other.

Cyber Monday will have you waking up full of energy and excitement, a bit different to how your usual Monday mornings start. Get the date in your calendar – 29thNovember, we’ll be ready for you!

If you can’t wait until Cyber Monday, check out our incredible Black Friday deals now.