The wait is over, and the updates are here.

Apple are so on the ball with their updates and the speed they roll them out is almost as impressive as the features they bring.

While there are no major news-worthy updates, like unlocking your iPhone while wearing a mask, iOS 14.7 still brings a number of features that make it worth the download.

This next update really brings about small but extremely useful updates and we thought you may want to hear all about them and discover how to install it.

When’s the big release?

iOS 14.7 officially launched on the 19th of July so is available for you to download now. As long as you have the iPhone 6S or later, you’ll be able to install it today.

1) Head to Settings.

2) Tap General.

3) Select Software update.

Here you’ll be prompted to install iOS 14.7 and gain instant access to all of its great features.

MagSafe Battery Pack support.

iOS 14.7 features support for Apple’s new MagSafe Battery Pack. This does pretty much what it says on the tin – it lets you attach a battery pack to the back of your iPhone.

iPhone 12 and 12 mini demonstrating the MagSafe battery packs.
MagSafe battery packs - what more could you need? 

For those of you that have been paying close attention, you’ll know that MagSafe is only compatible with the iPhone 12 series.

Fun with the family.

If Apple Card is a much used element in your life, you’re in luck. Apple Card Family has got a totally revamp and now allows you to combine credit limits with your friends and family.

For those of you not familiar with Apple Card, this is a reinvented credit card that takes away your spending worries and allows you to make purchases with little to no fees.

Say goodbye to bugs.

iOS 14.7 brings some fixes to bugs that have been grating on iPhone users for a while. Some of you have been waiting for a playlist share option in Apple Music or are sick of dealing with braille issues in Mail.

iOS 14.7 brings about a solution to these issues and many more too. The best bit? You don’t have to do a thing – just simply download the software.

Introducing HomePod timers.

HomePod speakers are yet another one of Apple’s epic products. They aren’t just good for listening to music, they’re handy around the house too.

iOS 14.7 brings updates to HomePod timers and now allows you to manage them using the Home app.

A screenshot of HomePod timers on iPhone.
HomePod timers have got a revamp. 

Previously, timers could only be set using Siri, but this new update allows you to manage them under the HomePod alarms section in the app.

Name your timers, explore countdowns, or cancel them from the comfort of your iPhone.

Podcast touch up.

We all love a good podcast. Whether you’re driving to work or out on a run, there’s nothing quite like tuning into the next episode of your favourite show.

iOS 14.7 allows you to make your own choices when it comes to the podcast app. You can now choose whether you want to see all shows in your podcast library or just the ones you are following.

Download today and enjoy the fun.

iOS 14.7 is available for you now and is set to make your iPhone experience much better. If a new software update isn’t enough for you, how about a new iPhone?

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