Don’t feel left out Apple Music lovers.

Every year without fail, Spotify users take to their social media accounts to reveal to the rest of the world their top artists.

Spotify Wrapped has become an occurrence more anticipated than Christmas itself. For those of you unfamiliar with what Spotify Wrapped is, it’s essentially a personalised collection of users’ favourite artists, songs and albums.

Spotify themselves present a video to every user with all their best bits on. Now, for some, this is a chance to show how cool their music taste is.

For others, like me, it demonstrates how utterly tragic their music taste is. Yes, James Blunt has appeared in my top 5 artists for the second year running.

But with all this excitement, Apple Music lovers can’t help but feel left out. Apple Music couldn’t have this, so they’ve delivered their answer to Spotify Wrapped – introducing Apple Music’s Replay Mix.

Mix it up Apple.

It’s worth noting that Apple Music doesn’t make things overly easy for you, but what’s life without a little work?

Your Apple Music Replay is hidden away, but we’ve got a few easy steps that’ll make it super-easy to find, so you can join the hype too.

1) Head to the Apple Music Replay webpage and sign in with your Apple ID.

2) On the Apple Music Replay page, click Get Your Replay Mix.

3) Apple Music will then whiz through your music habits and generate your Replay stats for 2021.

A screenshot of Apple Music's Replay Mix.
Apple Music's Replay Mix will even take you down memory lane. 

When all the data has loaded, you’ll be able to see how many hours of music you’ve listened to, your most played songs of the year, your most played artists and the time you spent listening to each artist too – have that Spotify!

It’s worth noting though that there is no direct share button. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to show the world just how awesome your taste in music is, we’ve all heard of screenshots, right?

Sharing is caring though.

If the one thing you envy the most about Spotify users is the fact they can share their Spotify Wrapped until their heart’s content, there are a number of third-party apps that can pull together your Apple Music stats so you can show everyone.

There is one tiny catch though. These apps will only begin recording data from the moment you install the app; they can’t delve deep into your musical past.

So, if you’re refusing to give into peer pressure and switch to Spotify, these apps will come in handy to gather up all your music history next year.


Play Tally does pretty much what it says on the tin – it’ll tally up the music you play. It features an entire section named ‘Tending’ and this is the area that shows you the music you’ve listened to the most.

Like your Apple Watch, PlayTally sets targets and gives out rewards when you hit them. For example, playing a certain number of songs will see you rewarded. The key difference? You won’t have to break into a mad sweat to get there, just bring your best singing voice.

PlayTally costs £1.79 and you can download it on your iPhone.



Unlike PlayTally, Snd.wave is free to download. It does however have a premium tier which allows you to access more data about your songs – for those of you really invested in their music patterns.

Snd.wave focuses on the number of minutes you’ve listened to songs and also generates graphics that you can share on your socials too.

It reminds you of songs you’ve loved and listened to frequently in the past, giving you a one-way ticket down memory lane – should you so wish to visit.

That’s your mix.

We’re still extremely hopeful that Apple Music will generate a more advanced version of this ‘Replay Mix’ feature that allows their users to get involved in the fun at the end of the year.

If this has spurred you on to switch to Apple Music over Spotify, EE offer six months free when you join their network.