Rumours, leaks, and speculation, we’ve got the full scoop.

Only a couple of months after the launch of Android 11, rumours of the next instalment - Android 12 - have begun circulating, and boy are they juicy.

Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but of course that doesn’t stop the internet from gossiping, and what sort of people would we be if we didn’t share what we know…

Android never disappoint us with their updates, and it’s safe to say that we’re eager to see what they have in store for us next. Android 11 brought us new fancy screen recording and revolutionised our car journeys with Android Auto – so, how will they top this?

These rumours come at a perfect time as Samsung have announced three new incredible additions to the Galaxy family. The S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra currently support Android 11, but with the new update looming, these three phones could become unstoppable.

Android 12: The full scoop.

We’ve seen a few little secrets let slip by Google, who stated in a blog post that the new update would make things easier when it comes to the app store. Android have safety measures in place that ensure users don’t run into any trouble when dealing with apps.

A screenshot of the Google Play Store.
Looks like the Google Play Store will be getting an upgrade...

Android 12 is said to make it easier for people to use other app stores on their devices, without compromising these pre-existing safety measures. This is great news for everyone, especially those of you with little ones.

There hasn’t been any further discussions on how this will work, but TechRadar seem to think it may involve making options more well known and visible. If you’re an app fanatic and love to download anything and everything, this is great for you.

The new update is also rumoured to make it easier for Google to deliver some key improvements for you. XDA Developers have noticed that Android plan to make Android Runtime a Mainline module in Android 12.

This sounds super-complicated, but when you break it down, it simply means that the company will be able to deliver more OS updates through the Play Store. This may bring more updates directly to you, so you can keep up with the ever-changing mobile world.

iOS 14 saw a new feature that stores unused apps in an app gallery. This way when we needed the apps, they’d be there, but they wouldn’t clutter up our home screen. Another thing XDA Developers have discovered is that Android 12 could bring a something similar.

This new (suspected) feature will ‘hibernate’ apps that are open but not in use. We’re all guilty of having lots of apps open at once, so it’s nice to know that this update could take care of this for us. Plus, it’ll be amazing for your battery!

According to Tech Radar, a leak for this hibernation app suggests that the app cache will actually be cleared. Sounds like the new update is as handy as it is cool!

TechRadar have heard another rumour that’ll get Android users more excited than ever. Apparently, Android 12 could restore the double-tap-on-the-back shortcut, which makes taking screenshots and using Google Assistant so much easier.

The double-tap settings on Android.
Double-tap, making your life easier.

We all know the struggles of wanting to use two apps at once, whether it’s Maps and music or YouTube and messages. TechRadar have also identified a leak that suggests Android 12 will bring improvements to the split-screen modes on your phone – multitasking just got an upgrade!

iPhone users recently saw a feature that lets you share your Wi-Fi password with others nearby you. According to TechRadar, another leak suggests that Android 12 will bring something similar. Wave goodbye to reading out long complicated passwords!

Look out Android fans…

We’ve got no confirmed dates for you right now and can’t say for sure when you can expect to see Android 12. TechRadar seem to think we will see the finished version in September, purely based on their previous updates.

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