Google Maps is offering an array of new features to support users throughout COVID-19.

The pandemic has been tough on a lot of us, but Google Maps has stepped up and offered their incredible services.

They’ve released a number of new features including the very helpful COVID Layers which tells users the number of coronavirus cases in various areas around the UK.

We thought you might want to learn a little about these features and discover how Google Maps are helping you navigate your way around during these uncertain times.

COVID Layers.

How does this work?

Google Maps users simply open the app and tap on the layers button that’s positioned at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

There will be a ‘COVID-19 info’ section that you can click on to reveal a seven-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 people for the area of the map you’re looking at.

There are also handy labels that will indicate whether the cases are trending up or down in different places, which is super useful if you’re looking to travel. The layers are also colour coded to help you understand the data more.

COVID Layers colour code guide:

· Grey: Less than 1 case

· Yellow: 1-10 cases

· Orange: 10-20 cases

· Dark orange: 20-30 cases

· Red: 30-40 cases

· Dark red: 40+ cases

Three phones displaying the new Google Maps COVID layers feature.
COVID layers packs a colour coded system to help identify high risk areas. 

Search for COVID-19 health facilities.

How does this work?

If you do wake up and happen to have a high temp or other symptoms that feel akin to known coronavirus symptoms, it’s always better to be safe and get yourself a test. Google Maps now lets you search for COVID-19 testing centres, so you can find the one that’s closest to you.

Simply type in COVID-19 test and it will bring a list up with all the testing sites that are nearby, it’s that simple!

Find restaurants that offer takeaway and delivery.

How does this work?

It seems that the only thing to do at a weekend during this crazy pandemic is to get yourself a nice takeaway to enjoy and relax while watching a film.

Google Maps have made it possible to search for specific restaurants and find out what dining options they have available from dine in, takeaway or delivery.

Google Maps displaying their restaurant feature.
Google Maps are giving us updates about our favourite restaurants. 

This takes away that devastating disappointment of hyping yourself up all day for your favourite meal, only to discover that you can’t have it – thanks Google!

Public transport alerts.

How does this work?

COVID has caused some disruptions for public transport around the country, with cancelled train services, fewer buses, and restrictions on tram journeys, too.

Google Maps are delivering in-app alerts that will inform you of any restrictions that you might face on your travels – no risks of getting soaked while you wait for a bus that won’t turn up.

You can also get updates if there are changes to Government mandates like mask requirements or COVID-19 checkpoints on your driving route – although it’s probably best to take a mask with you wherever you go.

Google Maps displaying its public transport feature.
Get updates about public transport during the pandemic. 

Another great feature of the public transport alerts is the notification about station crowd levels.

If you’re a bit apprehensive about going places where there’s lots of people, then this alert is perfect. If you search the name of the station, you’ll find crowd-level information based on public transport data.

Thanks Google.

Getting out and about isn’t easy during the pandemic, so it’s nice to know that Google Maps is there to offer us little updates and tricks that make life a little bit easier.

You’ll want to download Google Maps to get started, remember stay safe folks!