Who said being two faced was a bad thing?

Okay yes, definitely a bad thing in all other cases except this one. Did you know that Apple have a little hack that lets you add another Face ID to your iPhone or someone else’s for that matter.

Maybe you’re eager to check up on what your little ones are up to on their mobiles. Or perhaps you’re sick of having to remember your partner’s birthday every time you need to get on their phone for the dentist’s number or the boiler man.

Whatever your situation is, you’re just moments away from discovering how you can fix it.

Two’s better than one.

If you’ve got children, you’ll be the first to know that their little faces light up at the sign of Roblox or YouTube, maybe even TikTok.

It’s natural to worry and wonder and if you’re wanting to know just what it is they get up to on their mobiles, this is the perfect way of finding out.

Perhaps your worries lay elsewhere, maybe in the amount of time their spending on their mobile or how many extra in-app purchases they’re making. There are a number of parental controls you can set up on their iPhone, but first you’ve got to get in.

1)     Go to Settings.

2)     Scroll down and select Face ID & Passcode.

3)     When you tap it, you’ll be prompted to enter the passcode.

4)     Select Set up an Alternate Appearance.

5)     This will take you through the steps of adding a second Face ID.

To create another Face ID, you or the other person must go through the gruelling process that you’re so familiar with.

Remember when Nintendo DS’s were a thing and you or your kids spent hours playing on Nintendogs, repeating the dog’s name over and over again? This is a little like that.

If it’s your face that’s going to be the star of the show you must look straight ahead at the camera with your face centred in the frame.

Face ID.
Set up a second Face ID with ease.

Then when prompted, you should rotate your face slowly, circularly, backwards, and forwards as though your watching someone move a fork in front of you with a large helping of a cheesy pasta sat on top of it.

When the iPhone is satisfied with your face, it’ll notify you.

If you can’t move your neck, don’t panic! Apple’s Accessibility Options have other ways of capturing your ID.

1)     Go to Settings.

2)     Tap General.

3)     Scroll to Accessibility.

4)     Select Face ID & Attention and press the toggle to turn ‘Requiring Attention’ off.

When you’ve completed this, your second ID is good to go! The best bit about this is that you can control what this person can and can’t do with their face.

The catch is that whatever settings you disable their Face ID on, you also won’t be able to use your face as the password either.

So, if you want to make sure they can’t access your Password Autofill or don’t want your partner using their face on Apple Pay you can turn Face ID off entirely for these features.

1)     Go to Settings.

2)     Scroll to Face ID & Passcode.

3)     Select which apps and features you want to allow to use Face ID.

Let’s Face (ID) it, this is pretty great.

Not just great, doubly great. Setting up two Face ID’s is easy and super-convenient too!

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