Everything is better in 3D.

We often talk about how great the cameras are on our mobile phones, but one thing we haven’t quite got yet is the ability to really bring our photos to another level.

And by another level, we mean a 3D level. Luckily for you, Facebook has a handy little feature that lets you transform your shots into funky looking 3D visuals.

Those of you who spend lots of time on Facebook may have already noticed people posting their 3D photos all over their feed.

Christmas and the run up to New Year is a time when we take the most photos. Christmas presents, dinner, social events, and everything in between.

Facebook’s 3D photo feature allows you to turn any ordinary photo into a 3D image that can be viewed from a number of different perspectives.

By using machine learning to extrapolate the 3D shape of the object in your shot, a 3D effect will be generated – but we don’t need to trouble ourselves with the how!

Whether you’ve got an Android or an iPhone, choose your favourite image and you’re pretty much set to go. Here’s how to get started.

A whole new dimension.

You’ll be pleased to know that creating 3D photos is a real piece of cake and you can do it in just six easy steps.

1)     Launch the Facebook app and select What’s on your mind.

2)     Select Photo/Video.

3)     Choose the image you want to use, and tap Done.

4)     At the top of the image, tap Make 3D and wait for the image to be generated.

5)     Preview your 3D image by moving your mobile around.

6)     Tap Post.

While this feature is certainly advanced and is set to make your December snaps a whole lot more interesting, there are a few snags.

You’ll want a plainer backdrop, which might rule out the photo of your dog next to your mother-in-law’s wild living room wallpaper.

The best results come from images with objects at various depths rather than one object in a room with very little else present.

Of course, it always helps to have a mobile with a cracking camera, so you can really be sure you’re getting the best 3D representation.

There are lots of different things to consider when choosing a mobile with a camera that’s right for you.

iPhone SE has the best single-lens camera ever seen on iPhone, while iPhone 12 packs an epic dual-camera system with a wide and ultra-wide lens.

iPhone 13 made headlines with the most advanced camera yet with a new feature called Cinematic Mode.

If you walk on the Android side of life, the brand new Pixel 6 lives up to the expectations that come with a Pixel mobile. Capturing 150% more light than the Pixel 5, getting high-detailed shots is easy.

The S21 is the latest addition to the Galaxy S series and has not one, not two but three epic camera lenses with up to 3x Hybrid Zoom.

Or check out an Android favourite – the S20 FE. This is a great-value Samsung with three lenses and a whopping 32MP selfie camera.

Ready, set, 3D.

No matter which mobile you have, you’ll be able to transform any of your favourite photos into a 3D image.

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