Who do you trust to delete your browser history?

Our iPhones literally contain our entire lives. They have all our photos, our text messages, socials and everything in between.

Despite having nothing to hide, the thought of someone sieving through the darkest, deepest corners of our iPhone, terrifies us.

So, when you eventually pass (which we hope is a long way away), who do you trust to access your mobile?

You’re allowed to say nobody – we totally understand. But if there is someone you trust, Apple have made it possible to put them in charge of your legacy.

Choose your chosen one.

When you’ve selected your special someone, there are a few easy steps to follow that will ensure your iPhone and all of its data is in safe hands.

1)     Ensure you have the correct details of your chosen contact.

2)     Head to Settings.

3)     Choose Apple ID.

4)     Go to Password and Security.

5)     Select Legacy Contact and Add Legacy Contact.

When you get to this stage, you’ll want to follow the steps that appear on screen. You’ll be given a secret access key which you must only share with those you’re trusting.

The easiest way to notify your legacy contact is to send an invite through iMessage. When they’ve confirmed it, you’ll automatically get an email to show that they are a legacy contact.

You can add as many contacts as you want to, but it’s worth noting that they’ll be able to access all of your information if anything drastic should happen.

It’s not all doom and gloom.

While this is a strange topic to consider, we just want you to be prepared. But, like we said, it’s not all doom and gloom.

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