Now you’ll have a face that shows exactly what you’re thinking.

With texting, social media and email being the primary way of communicating, emoji have very quickly infiltrated their way into our lives.

Sometimes words simply can’t convey how we’re feeling so we whack an emoji in to make it all make sense.

With most iOS and Android updates, new emoji come as part of the package. There’s something for practically every occasion – from unicorns and squinty faces to aubergines and googley-eyed hearts.

We’ve stumbled upon some extremely exciting news that we couldn’t wait to share with you.

Unicode Consortium, an organisation in charge of indexing emoji, are currently taking on submissions.

That’s right, you can create your very own emoji, submit it and cross your fingers and toes that people worldwide will be using your design.

We’ve got everything you need to know about creating and submitting your own emoji design.

Getting prepared.

You might’ve been stewing on a new emoji idea for some time – we know a few that we’d love to be included. Something traffic related springs to mind first…

The best bit of advice we can give you is to do your research. There are countless emoji out there, some that you’ll never have seen.

Take the ogre emoji for example, have you seen that one? We can’t imagine the scenarios that you’d need this for, but we’re not here to judge.

If you visit the Unicode website, you’ll be able to discover whether your brilliant idea has already been approved.

Perhaps someone has the same genius mind as you and has submitted an idea very similar. You can check this too on Unicode’s website – in the section ‘under review’.

Here, you’ll be able to quickly check which ideas have been approved or denied, to save you the heartbreak of submitting something that the group dislikes.

An ‘angry poo’ emoji is an example of one that has been declined – though we can’t understand why anyone would need an angry poo emoji?

Stick with us, we know it’s sounding like a lot of work, but how good would it be for your design to eventually end up being used by other people?

On Unicode’s site there’s a number of priorities, strategies and guidelines to help you assess what to consider before submitting your masterpiece.

Ready to go.

When your idea is set in stone and you can’t wait to share it with the world, you’ll want to go ahead and submit it.

You can do this again on Unicode’s website – where you’ll find full instructions on how to get through the process.

Time is ticking though people, the deadline for your epic submission is 31st July 2022.