Watch films and TV shows on the go with ease, even without internet.

If recent internet fails taught us anything, it’s that we’re all pretty much doomed when our social media and favourite entertainment platforms go down.

So, in those gloomy times when your favourite apps aren’t working or you’re out and about with no access to the internet, what do you do? Stare at the wall? No. You watch one of your pre-downloaded films or an episode of your favourite TV show.

There are a number of ways you can download these onto your mobile phone, and we’ve brought you an easy guide to show you how.

Netflix and chill.

Netflix always deliver. Whether it’s films you haven’t seen for a while, new releases that have you on the edge of your seat or epic TV shows that you saw trending on your socials.

There’s a way you can download films and TV series’ of your choice and watch with or without internet. You will however have to be connected to Wi-Fi or have your mobile data on to download.

1)     First things first, head to the App Store or the Google Play Store and download Netflix.

2)     If you already have the app, ensure it’s updated to the latest version.

3)     Open the app and find the film or TV show you wish to download.

4)     If you want to filter out a full list of films that are available for download, click the ‘Available for Download’ tab.

5)     Tap the downwards pointing arrow to begin downloading.

Once downloaded, your chosen title will appear in the downloads section of your Netflix app. The best bit? You can download up to 100 titles at a time per device on as many devices included in your membership plan.

Your downloads will expire after a period of time and it’s worth noting they do take up some storage. It’s best to delete your TV shows and films after you’ve watched them.

Prime time for Prime.

If Netflix don’t quite have what you’re looking for, we’re sure Amazon Prime will. Like Netflix, you can download films and shows to your mobile, so you can watch them without Wi-Fi or mobile data.

You’ll need to be connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile data to begin the download.

Once the download is complete, you’ll be able to stream your film or show on your daily commute, on a remote staycation when signal is bad or at home if ever your socials go down again.

1)     Ensure you have the Amazon Prime video app downloaded on your mobile.

2)     Open up the app.

3)     Search for the film or TV show that you want to download.

4)     Tap on it to view the video’s details.

5)     If it’s eligible for download, you will see a downward pointing arrow.

6)     Tap on the arrow and wait for it to download.

7)     If you’re downloading a TV show, you often get the option to download an entire season with a tap – look out for Download Season.

Once your chosen title is downloaded, you’ll be able to click on it and watch it the same way you’d ordinarily view it while you’re streaming – only you won’t need data or Wi-Fi to enjoy it.

If you’re not a fan of clutter and want to delete your films and shows after you’ve watched them, it’s easy.

1)     Open your Prime Video app.

2)     Search for the film title that you wish to delete.

3)     Tap on it to view the details page.

4)     Select Options.

5)     Tap Delete Download.

TV shows are a little different on Prime. Next to your downloaded episode, there’s a checkmark box that indicates it’s downloaded. You simply tap on this then select delete. Voila – room to download the next big blockbuster.

Ready, set, download.

You don’t want to be caught twiddling your thumbs if ever your apps are down or you’re without internet so download your favourite films or shows today.

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