Not some knock-off version, the actual, real Morgan Freeman…

It doesn’t matter how old we get we’ll still laugh at a good old prank call. There’s nothing quite like seeing the look on your friends face when they fall into the trap of a fake voice or story, but how would they react if they got pranked by Morgan Freeman himself?

Mr. Freeman has agreed to video call one lucky fan and conjure up a cunning master plan to prank call someone close to them (or not so close). Perhaps you want to mess with an ex and have Morgan tell them what a plonker they were for letting you go.

Maybe a neighbour keeps putting out their bins and ignoring yours when you forget. Maybe you’re you sick of a work colleague constantly munching crisps close to the microphone on Zoom calls? Whatever your reasoning may be, Morgan Freeman will be there to assist.

He’s not holding back either folks. As seen in the video below, he pretended to prank call someone and slate their musical abilities, so there’s no limits on what he’ll say for you. If you’re not the pranking type and would rather just organise a pleasant conversation, he can arrange this too.

The best bit about all of this is that whoever you choose to hoodwink, can’t be mad. This whole set up is to support two incredible organisations: the llahatchie River Foundation and the ACLU Foundation SoCal.

We think they simply can’t tell you off for it. It’s all for a good cause, so how ever could they be angry with you?

Sign me up!

If you’re fangirling away and this sounds right up your street, you can sign up at and enter once for free. If you want more entries to increase your chance of winning, that’s where the donations for the charities come into it.

· £10 donation cost – get 100 entries.

· £25 donation cost – get 250 entries.

· £50 donation cost – get 1000 entries.

· £100 donation cost – get 2000 entries.

You’ve got to make sure you get your entries in by April 14th, 2021, as the winner is due to be drawn April 28th. Make sure you don’t miss out folks, some are saying this could be your very own Shawprank Redemption…

Who does this help?

This whole campaign is lots of fun and imagining the reactions you’d get makes it a whole lot more exciting. The thing is, it’s not like Morgan (not sure if we can call him by his first name) woke up one day and decided he wanted to prank call lots of randomers.

This is all for a good cause and we wanted to emphasise where your money would be going, if you did decide to donate.

Founded by Morgan Freeman himself, the Tallahatchie River Foundation is committed to improving the quality of early childhood education in Mississippi. This organisation believes that this will help them thrive in later life.

Morgan Freeman with a child as part of the Tallahatchie River Foundation.
Tallahatchie River Foundation - founded by Morgan Freeman himself.

They work towards creating learning opportunities for children in the local community, but as a non-profit, they need all the help they can get.

The ACLU Foundation SoCal is an organisation that defends the rights of Californian citizens, no matter who they are or where they come from. This includes all rights from voting and reproductive to LGBTQ and women’s rights.

Two people holding up board to support George Floyd.
The ACLU Foundation fights for everyone.

The donations made through this campaign, will go directly to supporting the work of both of these non-profit charities.

Get your prank on.

We can imagine that by now you’ve already got a long list of ideas floating around in your head. You’re sat trying to suss out who’s been getting on your nerves the most and thinking of ways you could really shock them.

I think Morgan Freeman himself might do the job but how spooky would it be for an insanely famous celeb to know personal stories about you? We know we’d get a fright!

Remember if you’re chosen, you’ll get a videocall from Mr. Freeman himself. Now might be the time to make sure your phone is up to scratch, after all you don’t want poor camera quality and lots of lagging, do you?

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