This is a huge change, but the great news is that you can keep all your stuff the same.

We’re absolutely Switzerland in the debate of Android vs iOS.

What we can agree on is the fact that making the jump from Android to iPhone, and the other way round, is huge. It’s a big change but we’re here to tell you that there are a few things that you can keep the same.

We want to make this transition as easy as possible and although you’ll have psyched yourself up for some new and previously unexplored features, we imagine you’ll want to take your photos, contacts and other important bits and bobs with you.

There’s a simple way to make sure nothing gets left behind, 10 easy steps in fact.

Ready to take the leap?

A screenshot of the move from Android display on an iPhone.
Making the move from Android to iPhone is simple.

1)      Power up your new iPhone and follow the instructions until you reach the screen titled Apps & Data.

2)     Select the option that says Move Data from Android.

3)     On your old Android phone (or tablet), open up the Google Play Store and search for Move to iOS.

4)     Open the Move to iOS app listing and tap Install.

5)     After it’s installed, select Open.

6)     Select Continue on both devices.

7)     On the old device, select Agree and then press Next.

8)     A 12-digit code will be displayed on your new iPhone. You should enter this code on your Android device.

9)     Once the code has been entered, the Android device will connect to your new iPhone. It will ask whether you want to transfer your Google Account information which will make it easier to log in on your new iPhone.

10) Select everything that you want to move over. The data transfer will begin and once completed, you’ll be able to proceed with setting up your new iPhone.

Going the other way.

If you’re going the other way and switching from iPhone to Android, we can help you out there too. Again, the process of transferring your photos, contacts, and everything else in between is super easy.

If you already use Google’s services, (Photos, Gmail, etc.) you’re already ahead of the game. The process of switching from iPhone to Android is a little different. There are a few steps to take depending on what it is that you’re switching over.

Transferring your contacts.

Your contacts are linked to your email account and may be stored in iCloud or Gmail. To find out where they are, there are three steps.

1)     Select Settings on your iPhone.

2)     Select Calendar.

3)     Tap Default Account.

If the default account is under Gmail, then you need to sign into your new Android device using your Google Account. Here, you’ll be able to access your contacts with ease. If your default account is iCloud, you can transfer your contacts in two different ways.

One way is by transferring them as vCards. There are three steps to take to successfully do this:

1)     Go to each contact that you want to transfer over and click Share Contact.

2)     Email the vCard to your Gmail account.

3)     Open it up on your Android phone and they’ll be stored on your new phone.

You got mail.

To transfer your email across, you’ll simply need to sign into your Gmail account on your Android or enter your iCloud credentials. This way you’ll be able to access all of your emails with ease.

A screenshot of the Gmail log in screen.
Accessing your email is super easy.

Take your photos with you.

This is the one we all stress about the most. We don’t want to lose any of our precious photos that we’ve snapped over the years. The good news is that you don’t have to. Here are five easy steps to make sure none of them get left behind.

A screenshot of Google Drive on an iPhone.
Google Drive makes it simple to keep all your photos together.

1)     On your iPhone download the Google Photos app from the App Store.

2)     Open Google Photos.

3)     Sign in with your Google Account.

4)     Select Backup & Sync.

5)     Tap Continue.

This will ensure that all your photos are stored safely on your new Android device.

One way ticket to transfer town.

Changing phones has never been easier. Whether you’re making the jump from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android, this easy guide will give you all the information you could ever need to make the switch.

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